We are looking for post mods to help us keep the sub clean!

We are looking for post mods to help us keep the sub clean!

Hey everybody. I wanted first to thank all of you for doing your part in keeping the sub great by posting good content and reporting posts that break the rules. It helps us a ton.

We are currently looking to open applications up to find a few people who want to go above and beyond in helping the sub by having the power to remove posts that break the rules directly. Note that these aren’t applications to be a full moderator, as we don’t currently need help in that regard, but we really could use some more eyes out so that posts that break the rules are taken down faster.

An ideal candidate for this position is someone who understands and respects the rules of the sub, wants the sub to be a better place overall, and is willing to contribute with the understanding that it is a selfless position without the abilities of a full mod.

The most important part of being a post mod is to be trustworthy. You will have the power to take down posts you feel are inappropriate for the sub, so we have to be able to trust you with this power.

If you feel you would be a good candidate for this position, apply with the link below.

Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeodGIoDFHgSGeZMSYE4aFl2PuIqvvtLRCVG4ebONNAlEhUQg/viewform?c=0&w=1

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