Update Bugs Megathread

Update Bugs Megathread

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The update is great! But there are a lot of bugs right now.

Compile below in the comments guys to help SC follow them and give them visibility.

editCurrent bug list

  • CLEARANCE GAME Crashing in all game modes and when loading the game – several reports of connection / lag / freeze / crash problems during battles (may confirm more as this has happened several times).
    edit – the maintenance has solved this problem – tests now and will be updated

  • Badges are buggy – Classic / Big Challenge Badges are traded, the number of Challenge wins not displayed, etc. (This may not affect everyone) – Apparently on my profile, plus some reports here on the submarine.

  • Mega Lightning Chests removed from the chest cycle

  • Crashing while loading the game on iPad

  • All cards sorted as spells

  • The update download gets stuck – several posts from people unable to download the frozen update / update en route.

  • Too many spectators in the world tournament are lagging behind – several cases of thousands of players participating in a battle causing a shift / freeze of players. PSA: This is what is taken for a winning trade (or zero?) In a world tournament.

  • King Tower level removed from profile – this may be intentional, but can not see the profiles of other players yet.

  • Watching a recovery at the end causes accidents

  • Search results bugs.

  • Playing a game AFTER attending a tournament may freeze / block the game.

  • Missing text in card descriptions / tutorials when the language used is other than ENG

  • Star points of chests and legendary trophies are not added to players' total star points

  • Resumption of tournament statistics

  • Scroll between tabs

  • The improved arrows at star level 3 have Goblin Barrel sound

  • Enhanced Barbarians at 3-star level have Elite Barbarian sound.

  • Improved Prince has the Black Prince deploy his.

  • Some star level 2 + enhanced cards have no attack sound – Mega Minion, Dart Goblin.

  • Constant tournament notifications

  • Bug when scrolling the world ranking of tournaments

  • Image of the fleeting flashlight

  • Missing CRL Emote / missing / not working

Existing bugs before the update

  • As indicated by document u / ijm8710, a list of existing bugs prior to this update remains to be solved.

  • The question of the card application / button exchange – again, credit to u / ijm8710 for this post

  • The Mini Pekka Emote moves constantly when it is dimmed – https://old.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/a3d58s/bug_uncollected_mini_pekkas_emotes_butter/

  • Emotes in constant loading (symbol of loading rotating in place of the emote) –

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