Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

Check out the Top 7 Rare Cards in Clash Royale – Jan 2017. By using these cards in your deck, you'll greatly improve your win rate and play fun. You'll have fun when you win, no matter where you are. do not you? These are the best rare to put in your deck, and they will help you to quickly climb into trophies. Do you agree with my list? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Also, if you have not yet viewed my list of the top 7 common, be sure to read it too. Here are the 7 most common cards:

Although these cards are excellent, they are easy to fight at a low level. They only work if you improve them, for which you need gold / gems. It is difficult to level these cards, and if you ever need help, you can improve these cards faster and fight Gemmers.

As they say – if you can not beat them – join them.

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7. Four

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

Description: "The furnace breeds two fire spirits at a time, and also makes large brick oven pancakes."

Tournament Stats:

  • Victory Points : 1056
  • Fire Spirits Level: 9
  • Number of hours: 10 seconds
  • : 1 second
  • Lifetime: 50 seconds

Conclusion: The oven is the best player in the game, especially when it generates equivalent fire spirits at your opponent's tower level. At this point, your turn will have to shoot twice to kill a spirit, which will allow the laggard to get a hit on your turn. He also has great defensive abilities. For only four elixirs, it can stop a pig thrust with ease.

A harassing presence on the battlefield, you must take care of the stove or it will punish you later in the game.

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

6. Fireball

Description: "Annnnd … Fireball incinerates a small area, inflicting significant damage, reduced damage to Crown towers."

Stats at level Tournament:

  • Surface Damage: 572
  • Crown Tower Dam: 229
  • Radius: 2,5

Conclusion: As mentioned in my level list, the Fireball is the second best fate of the game, excluding the graveyard. It deals massive damage and can bring back troops such as the Musketeer, Wizard and Mega-Minion to a Zappable range that can allow you to stop a push in its tracks with a precisely timed fireball / zap combo.

When your opponent's troops are grouped for the best results.

5. Mini PEKKA

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide Description: "The arena is a certified area without butterfly.No distractions for PEKKA, only destruction."

Tournament Statistics Level:

  • Puncture Points : 1056
  • Damage per second: 317
  • Damage: 572
  • Hit Speed: 1.8 Seconds
  • Targets: Ground
  • Speed: Fast
  • Range: Melee
  • Duration of deployment: 1 Second

Conclusion: The Mini PEKKA is the equivalent of an elite barbarian. Dangerous otherwise take care of, the Mini P.E.K.K.A. inflicts 572 damage per shot, or nearly a quarter of a tower's health. Combined with a troop of splash damage like a wizard or princess, the P.E.K.K.A Mini thrives.

His defensive abilities are not bad either, and he can destroy a tank in seconds. A better version of a lumberjack, the Mini P.E.K.K.A takes the place of number five on this list.

Check my PEKKA Mini Hog / Miner Bridge for the best strategies

4. Hog Rider Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

Description: "Quick melee troop that targets buildings and can jump over the river." He followed the call of "Hog Riderrrrr" all the way through the doors. of the arena. "

Tournament Statistics Level:

  • Victory Points: 1408
  • Damage Per Second: 176
  • Damage: 264
  • Hit Rate: 1.5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Range: Melee
  • Expansion Time: 1 second

Conclusion: A fast troop shot, the rider is a force with which one must count. With the emergence of barbarians of the elite, it has become less prevalent, but it still retains great value. As you know, I like to push the pig, and you can not push the pig without a pig.

The rider's blow is strong, and if it's not handled properly, say goodbye to your turn.

Legendary / Epic / Super Magic Chest Cycle Guide to better understand how to get the best chests!

3. Giant

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide Description: "Slow but durable, only attack buildings … A real demolition team!"

Tournament statistics:

  • Hit points : 3344
  • Damage / second: 140
  • Damage: 211
  • Achievements: 1.5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Slow
  • Range: Melee
  • Expansion time: 1 second

Conclusion: The Giant fell in rows from where he once was, but he is still the best defense targeting the troop in the game. He has the highest health in the game outside of The elixir golem 9, and its tankiness is one of the many reasons why it is so strong.For only five elixirs, you get a giant meat shield that you can sustain with damage troops like the mega-minion or the barbarians of the elite

The giant is too tanky to be ignored. Make sure to treat as soon as possible.

2. Ice Golem

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide Description: " It is hard, targets buildings and explodes when it is destroyed, slowing down nearby enemies.Made entirely of ice … or is it ?! Yes."

Tournament Statistics Level:

  • Points Points: 1100
  • Damage Per Second: 28
  • Damage: 70
  • Death Damage: 70
  • Response Rate: 2 , 5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Slow
  • Range: Melee
  • Expansion Time: 1 second

Conclusion: One of the few trading posts for barbarians Elite of the game, the ice golem is a perfect defensive troupe. Acting as a kind of wall, the ice golem can kite its troops within range of your two turns, and its freezing effect ensures that they will not go far.

Although not offensively, the Ice Golem is arguably the best defensive card in the game.

1. Mega Minion

Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017) – Clash Royale Tactics Guide

Description: "Flying, armored and powerful, what could be his weakness?" Cupcakes. "

Tournament Statistics Level:

  • Points Rank: 695
  • Damage / second: 192
  • Damage: 269
  • PJ: 1.4 Second
  • Targets: Air & Ground
  • Speed: Medium
  • Range: 2
  • Expansion Time: 1 second

Conclusion: The power of the mega-minion boils down to its rate of use. Seen in almost every deck on the leaderboards, it is too strong in a heavy meta. If you can take care of your opponent's mega-minion, yours will probably have a clear path to the tower.

Place and look. It's simple like that.

These are in my opinion the best seven copies of the game. If you have a rare item in your deck, it should be one. They provide the best bang for their buck, and they are excellent if used properly.

As always, I hope you enjoyed, and keep fighting!

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