The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!

The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!

Hello guys, it's frosty here! I have therefore decided to do something exciting. I took the Woody's X-Bowler deck to another level, which I always wanted to do. Let us dive!

The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!

The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!

Roles of the map

X-Bow: Your condition of victory. Although this is your victory condition, use it only when you have a well-structured counterattack. The biggest mistake that people make with this game is that they play too aggressively with the X-Bow. Be patient. This deck is very different from Burn Seige where you are constantly trying to get your X-Bows out. This deck is very slow and heavy investment, and the perfect victory will have this X-Bow that your opponent can not handle, thus reversing the tower for a 1-0 win.

Fireball: This card must be used as a counter of a counter. You can use the fireball when you kill 4 or more elixirs. Ideally, you should use it when you hit at least one medium sized counter at your push and tower to damage chips. If you notice a pattern in which they still use Mega Minion to counter your Bowler, you can use it to your advantage by using a Baby Dragon to support your push, followed by a fireball of prediction on the Mega Minion. This bet can guarantee that your X-Bow can be safely planted and that it will be shot down by a Mega Minion.

Fire spirits: This card should be used as a meter counter, but it can be used for more than just defense. It's also a bit harder to use. It can be used as a prediction for other cards much easier than Fireball. If you see that they are still countering your Mega Minion with Minion Horde, you can simply install the Fire Spirits behind the Mega Minion right after their descent into the Minion Horde. You must act quickly or your Mega Minion will take too much damage. This can guarantee that your X-Bow can be planted safely and that it will be shot down by a horde of Minions. You can use this technique against Minions, Mega Minions or even Barbarians.

Bowler: You should use this card to defend and counterattack. This card plays a big role in this deck. He refuses the skeleton army, the furnace, the pork rider, the archers, the goblin gang, the tombstone, basically all the small land units. Then it results in a deadly counter-attack. If you can afford to damage my tower of the arena, you should always use Bowler to counter the Hog Rider. Yes, I'm aware that it's a negative elixir trade, and the Hog Rider manages to get a shot from the arena tower, but that translates into a deadly counterattack justifying all the problems! I'll have enough for at least one X-Bow and probably more to support my attack, once the Bowler has reached enemy territory. A bowler reserving and supporting the X-Bow's ability to lock onto the tower is a common victory condition for this bridge.

Ice Spirit: This is your ultimate support card. It's hard against Mega Minion which is very common to see. If they counter your Bowler with a single Mega Minion, you can use this card to even the score by hard-fighting their Mega Minion. It can also block many other cards, including goblins, archers or goblins with spear, for a real exchange of elixir. Associated with Fire Spirits, he can stop a prince who can help protect your X-Bow for a positive trade in elixir. It is really essential to use this card correctly. If you pre-plant an Ice Spirit to stop a horde of minions, it will not touch the six minions and your turn will take unnecessary chip damage. The most vital part of this is that you plan it close enough for the first henchman to hit the Ice Spirit, which brings them together and causes the 6 to be hit. Then you can finish the arena tower, but if they have a minor, use your tornado! All this for a huge trade in positive elixir!

Mega Minion: This card should be used to defend itself. He can take care of Bowler, Valkyrie and even Archers. It's not reliable in attack only, so use it to complete a powerful attack. It is crucial to place it correctly in the defense because you do not want your Mega Minion to pursue a ball. Instead, place the Mega Minion in front of a balloon, where it will get more shots before chasing it, which will kill it with the help of the arena tower. This card can also neutralize a lava dog, but at the price of the lava, the latter takes damage of chip on your tower. You want to place the Mega Minion near the tower, so that when the enemy Lava Lound reaches the tower, your Mega Minion can fire at the Lava Hound and when it dies, your Mega Minion kills the Lup Pups, and prevent the tower from taking flea damage.

Tornado: This map should be used to group objects so that your Splash units can handle them easily. One of the critical uses is that, against Giant Beatdown, he can move the giants away from your X-Bow while regrouping the support troops that are now in front of the giant. If you combine all this with a fireball to paralyze the group, it could be devastating for your opponent. This spell can kill a horde of minions associated with Ice Spirit so you can turn off the Minions Miner + Horde combo. It can also kill the army of skeletons and be associated with a melon; he can even kill barbarians.

Baby dragon: This card should be used to support the counterattack. However, he can stop the skeleton army, the henchmen, the goblin gang, the tombstone, mainly all small units. This will then result in a counter-attack. When paired with Bowler, he fights barbarians, archers and even guards. Whenever you have troops that can counterattack, shuffle the Baby Dragon to your counterattack. If you use Bowler to counter the Hog Rider, (Yes, I'm aware that trading the elixir is negative and that the Hog Rider manages to get a shot from the arena tower, but that's translated by a deadly counter-attack.) Mix your baby Dragon to the counterattack!

General gameplay: At the beginning of the match, wait for your elixir to reach its maximum. Let your opponent take the first step. This package is pretty simple in his offense. If you manage to completely stop your opponent's units, the X-Bow can cause considerable damage to the tower. The opponent usually keeps trying to stop the X-Bow. Thousand damage is ideal, but at least 500 damage is enough. Play defensive and counter-attack once in a while. Once the 60-second mark begins, if you manage to destroy one of the turns, you can continue to press the other way or defend yourself by using the X-Bow itself. This is your choice since this deck is a defensive deck because of its units. If you want to pressure the other way, continue to follow the same strategy. If you will defend your way. Be sure to deploy the X-Bow in the middle so that its radius can reach both sides.

The Unstoppable Splash-Bow Deck- Push To The Top!

3M Bridge

Bad matches:

  • 3M Decks (probably)
  • Dual Lane Decks (maybe)
  • Giant Decks (maybe)


  • X-Bow> None
  • Bowler> None
  • Baby Dragon> None
  • Tornado> The newspaper
  • Ice Spirit> Skeletons
  • Fire Spirits> Arrows
  • Mega Minion> Musketeer
  • Fireball> Rocket

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