[OFFICIAL] Recent Bans – An Explanation & Clarification

[OFFICIAL] Recent Bans - An Explanation & Clarification

Hey Clash Royale players,

As you may be aware, we recently banned accounts that were breaking our [Terms of Service](https://supercell.com/en/terms-of-service/). The majority of these accounts were account sharing and had also purchased Gems fraudulently.

3rd party Gem sellers use stolen bank cards or [fraudulently acquired gift cards](https://www.treasury.gov/tigta/irs_scam_updates.shtml) to make purchases, which is something we are 100% against and you should be too.

For a concrete example, an account we banned recently was found to be account sharing – and had also purchased 1.5 million Gems through fraudulent transactions.

In these cases the transactions get reported as fraudulent, the money is refunded by whichever app store has been used, (hopefully) the stolen money given back to its rightful owner, and the account gets Gems removed (negative Gem balance).

We do not profit from this, app stores do not profit from this, the affected individuals who have their money stolen definitely do not profit from this, the player whose account gets banned does not profit from this, but the person/organisation who enabled the fraud does.

If this negative Gem balance is below a certain threshold, we ban the account – as it is unfair to all those players who have made legitimate progress within the game.

**TL;DR Most accounts that were banned yesterday were not just banned for account sharing, but also for fraudulent purchases.**

We will be making a post in-game this week to remind all players how we enforce Fair Play within our game, and how you can avoid breaking our ToS, keep your account safe, and promote Fair Play yourselves.

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