Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale Deck

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale Deck

Tired of losing in the Modern Royale challenge? Frustrated by all Mega Knights jumping from only-supercell-know-where-on to break your luck to victory? Not a fan of MK decks? Do not be afraid! I am Dave and I am here to share a game with which I won the modern royal challenge on my first attempt.

I call it … Night Roy Bridge Modern Night witch hunter!

[I know, I know…it’s quite a mouthful]

The Night Witch Hunter deck is composed of the following cards:

Aries, ice spirit, gun cart, night witch, hunter, ice golem, bats and princess.

This bridge works better as a counter-bridge [although my main man Avatus had no problem dropping a ram and cannon cart to take a tower at the very beginning of his last battle…for the rest of us who are more fainthearted, including myself, a slow start is recommended].

This can quickly create a push that will decimate your opponents and leave them wondering where it comes from. Better still, it's a 3.1 elixir deck !!!

Let me break it down for you, starting with the ice spirit, after which I will outline some general tips and what to do against some troops. [MK…3 Muskies…RG]

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckIce spirit

You will want to use it primarily for defense, especially to support our shotgun gun barrel by the fighter. To defend against the Mega Knights jamboree, the spirit of ice will be essential to freeze the nervous buttocks while your troops will chase it.

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckIce Golem

The card with a doctorate in kiting is the tank of this deck. The ice golem will be very useful in attack as in defense. During the defense, use the ice golem to practice kitesurfing to the maximum – elite barbs, deputies and all other trustworthy troops. Do not forget to take out the troops mentioned with a cart … elite beards in particular. For others, like the royal giant [yeah…even he shows up] use the ice golem to engage the support troops while your fighter takes the GR. Then play the battering ram, throw away the sticks and watch your opponent squirm. [ ^_^ ]

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckBats

Bats! These small dice will be great in defense, especially when they are associated with the ice golem. They can inflict huge damage on the pawn if you make sure that they are armored by the ram or by any other troop with decent hit points. [not you Hunter…].

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckPrincess

The princess is the contact of the royalty that this bridge needs. She takes care of all the boring swarm maps – it will rain gangs of goblins and bats. Do not drop the princess on the bridge. If you do, and you're hit by a gang of goblins, bats, and graveyards, do not say Dave did not warn you.

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckRAM

The ram is the condition of victory in this bridge. it also serves as a secondary reservoir. Do not drop the ram on the bridge at the beginning of the battle. Your opponent will counter and have an advantage. In addition, the ram is much more useful than bridge spam. It could be used in defense for the extra punch that both barbs can add. In attack, it will serve as a chariot for your support troops (night witch, cart and hunter). I'm also sure you'll agree with me that the battering ram in a tower is one of the best battle scenes. [ ^_^ ]

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckNight witch

Play it behind the king's tower and let the bats fly! The witch of the night, like all the cards of this game, is strong in defense as in attack. She works better in attack though. His bats are useful for dealing with Lava Hound bridges that may also be hiding. In attack, place it behind a tank and your counter-attack will inflict considerable damage, especially if you entrusted them with positive elixir exchanges (PET).

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale Deckhunter

The hunter embarks on the challenge of the modern royal. In this game, it is mainly used for defense. Let go of the hunter to eliminate enemy tanks while using an ice golem to distract his support troops. The ice spirit is a vital support for the defensive hunter because it could help him survive and surpass himself.

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckGun cart

The dreaded gun cart! With incredible speed and range, the wagon is the heaviest of troops on this bridge. In defense, it should be played in front of the king's tower because his impressive range will allow him to shoot attacking troops and then the counter … with full hit points … behind a tank. The gun carriage is really great.

Now for general advice!

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckMK – the kite with ice golem and finish with bats or hunter, if necessary. If you're no longer spinning, drop the trolley in the middle to deal with the MP, then eliminate the support troops and the counter, if you have the advantage.

Do not forget … the positive professions at the elixir !!!!

Night Witch Hunter Modern Royale DeckThree Musketeers – When split with ram, drop the ice golem and bats on the pair and use the hunter to pull out the solo musk and barbs. If they are spammed on the bridge, drop them golem and hunter, and say goodbye. Then immediately let go of the ram to counter and say good game.

This is a bridge 3.1 elixir people! Then cycle CYCLE! Be prepared to counter pressures at any time.

Watch your opponent. Know what cards they have in their package and what they will deposit next. Trust your instincts and play to win!
The members of my clan are already getting great results. My Avatus man hit 6-0 baby !!!

Ok guys, you have seen everything. So what are you waiting for? Now, go out and make me proud !!!

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