Lavaloon Rage – Wanna Have Some Fun?

Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun?

Ever wanted to use a good deck if your only legendary one is Lava Hound or if you're a F2P player (or if you like Clash Royale comedy)? Then read this guide and use my LavaLoon deck!

Some top arena cards can be replaced with lower arena cards so you can use my deck!

Yes, that is me, HiPeople MC back again, with the bridge I played on the scale, 2v2, Challenges , and Clan Wars! (And also the deck my friends call the cancer because I always destroy their cycle Hog)

I made this deck Elixir LavaLoon 3.4 a moment ago, and even after the "recent" balance changes, this deck cradles, rolls and kills all decks (except maybe Giant Double Prince and my Mega Hog)!

Well, I'm going to shut up and tell you how to play this deck now!


  • Strong offensive
  • Easy to use
  • Mainly F2P
  • Mainly independent level maps


  • Low defense
  • Very little crowd control [19659015] Lavaloon Rage Bridge

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun?: Come on, how can you use LavaLoon without Lava Hound?

    Well, I made an alternative version of this deck with Giant instead of Lava Hound, but it does not work as well.

    The Hound is here to tank for the Balloon, and even after he dies, he breeds six Pups to inflict a decent amount of damage.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? balloon : LavaLoon without diving? Where did your victory condition go? In my deck, of course

    My ball is level 5 and is almost 900 damage per shot!

    The bomb falls once it dies serves as a great killer of Minion Horde if they are good at placing a Horde Minion! 19659002] There is also an underestimated map that appears in this bridge …

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Rage : Once you make your balloon, your king opponent could as well

    Yes, it's a LavaLoon Rage deck that can shred turns in an instant!

    For only 2 Elixir, you can make your Balloon 1.35 times more powerful than usual while polishing your Lava Hound.

    This card is one of the three spells in this deck, and even though it's probably the least needed spell here, it still does a lot for the low price of 2 Elixir!

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Guards : This trio of bone fighters is here to stop the ground grows to shred your t

    It can also be set for an Elixir combo 10 Rage Balloon Guards

    This is your main giant killer and your best way to stop Prince / Dark Prince.

    Use them wisely, as you do

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Ice Spirit : Scale changes did not help much.

    change the Ice Spirit + Zap interaction = Minions dead, and people do not even care much about its damage.

    Removing half a second of stun duration can not prevent me from using this card Elixir 1

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Minions : Yes, I chose 3 Minions on Minion Horde!

    I did it because I wanted a very fast cycle so that when you do not have LavaLoon Rage combo in your hand, you can easily go back!

    These three blue killers who shoot … ink bags … well, they are in this game to easily kill Inferno Dragon's, Balloons, Air Troops, etc.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Zap : Ok, it's time to show you the final cards, the damage spells!

    Zap is a very versatile map that can be used in any bridge archetype!

    He integrates into the meta no matter what! Zap is in this game to give an easy way to stun troops, as it is more reliable than Ice Spirit to stun, but lasts less time and costs more Elixir.

    Zap can easily stop a giant swarm, however, I recommend maxi tone Zap as I did.

    It's very much fun to chase the Level 1 Princesses and the Level 11 Minions Hordes. I adore zapping gangs of level 12 gangs.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Fireball : Ah, the other spell that will always be the meta.

    a balloon during a battle before creating this deck and he hit the balloon the FRAME before he hit my turn! The bomb did nearly 300 damage in my turn, but my opponent was crazy for a minute and a half after that!

    Well, enough of my life story.

    Fireball is in this deck for Minion Hordes (high level) and as always, perfect to be anti-orange juice with negative elixir crafts on these goblin guns!

    Fireball is in this game for two reasons. Defense for the offense (kill Minions and Archers); Tower chipping when the tower is within range of two fireballs or a

    General Gameplan

    3: 00-1: 00

    First thing first: If you have dogs and guards in your starting hand, Wait until you get to 10 Elixir and then you can play Lava Hound at the back

    The guards are there in case your opponent tries to punish you. This trick also works for Hound and Minions

    The worst starting hand you can have is related to all Spells and Guards and all Spells and Minions.

    One of the things I absolutely elixir is leaking.

    Don Try to make a LavaLoon Rage while keeping the fireball ready.

    If you discover that they have a rocket, play Lava Hound in the general placement, one of the lower corners. but place the ball so that your opponent can not touch the balloon and the lava dog with a rocket. Make sure to Rage the Balloon too, because you could just fight Chief Pat on a secret account of his.

    Try to find out which package they have and refer to my Matchups list to find out how to stop them. 19659002] Try to roll LavaLoon and do not let them attack or set up a conterpush, as this will make it almost impossible to win at this time.

    Do not be afraid to sacrifice a tower (unless your king is at the top of it) to bomb their king's tower. Try to get a tower in the first two minutes as this will ensure that they have to defend their Royal Tour.

    1: 00-End

    If you are tied 1-1, go for the second round, not the king. They will probably target your Royal Tower, and that is why you have Guards and Minions.

    If you get their second round, go for gold! (Well, the King's Tower has the most gold in the gold rush …)

    If you have 0-0, go for a single round and stand up for life !

    If you lose 0-1 or 1-2, take a turn, then defend. Wait until the extensions are done again.

    If you win 1-0 or 2-1, it is not advisable to go in another round, but that 's not a bad idea! (Yeah, I do not have any sense)

    If it's 2-2, go all or nothing on their King unless you have a lot less HP than HP.

    In this case, make a Loon Raged alone, and keep Guards, Servants and Spirit of Ice ready to defend

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Double Giant Prince: Probably the match the hardest.

    Try the LavaLoon cycle to keep them kneeling on the ice and unable to get up (if you understand this metaphor, my jokes and puns, your IQ is over 9000), like that you do not leave them attack.

    Since this game is based on Air, their Prince and Dark Prince can not do anything against your Lava Hound and Balloon, and especially not the Rage spell (unless they think Freeze is working well on the Double Prince decks).

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? X-Bow: Not so hard.

    They will play their X-Bow on the deck, which means it's very easy for your Balloon to explode the long-range crossbow. in pieces (apparently pieces that can sink under the rocks).

    Other than that, beware of their Tesla, and do not give bullshit about the Ice Golem, but give the Archers a ball made of who knows. what, but who cares since it is on fire.

    Rage the Balloon, even if you know that they will use Ice Spirit.

    But remember that this deck is mostly aerial, and X-Bow can not target the air. he always poses a threat.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Golem Beatdown : Do not fireball their pump.

    You already have the fast cycle anyway. Save the fireball for support / Three muskies

    Not much to say here.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Bait of Spell : You only have two spells, but you also have Minions

    The spell bait dies at LavaLoon unless they use Minion Horde, but you still have Fireball.

    Try to use 1-2 LavaLoon Rage combos on them and finish them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will try you.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Spam on the Bridge : No building means you could have a problem.

    Battle Ram can descend a tower at

    The Guards + Ice Spirit break the wood and metal block and break the bones of the barbarians

    Just LavaLocate them but also send Minions with them this time to stop Inferno Dragons

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? Hog Cycle : Ah, I was waiting for this one.

    I saved the two best for last. Just counter the cycle card with your spells and LavaLoon is gone and defenseless at the end!

    Ah, it's fun to clear my friend with this LavaLoon Rage.

    In other words, do them defenseless, ignore the Hog, and just go all for the three crown

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun? RG and EBs : Who cares?

    You have a real victory condition that can not be difficultly countered with an Elixir combo of 7 Guards, Ice Spirit, and Minions (well, assuming you have a Fireball in your hand)

    When you LavaLoon ride to the King's Tower, remember to play Rage on their King's Tower Emote you like crazy (although Supercell decided not to let anyone do a BM marathon)


    Eh Well, I think I'm done with this guide.

    How one of my jokes you think it was the most depressing.

    RIP my fingers; I typed this thing dang in about an hour elapsed the same day. (Yes, I started this article the day I submitted it)

    Who posted this shit?

    This is not crap.

    Lavaloon Rage - Wanna Have Some Fun?