Hog Mortar deck for F2P

Hog Mortar deck for F2P

It's time, guys. I mean, the ARC is back, it's good news.
To celebrate, I write this guide. Very reasonable, I am so proud of myself.
I am of Shiro of Hanoi. Today, we take a look at Mortar Hog, with some changes, as the old deck has been hardened.

Distribution of cards:

Pork Rider: Main Victory Condition.
main source of damage (because of Beatdowns), plus it is very easy to play.
As this deck is very heavily swarmed, you will not have many cases where you will have to play Hog at kite flying.
If you believe that they have hard pawns like Tornado or something like that, you will have to play Mortar a lot more.
Zap for swarms.

Mortar: Secondary Victory Condition.
Should only be used when you have identified your opponent's deck. Otherwise, keep it to defend yourself.
Locations are really important with this card, especially defensive placements. Make sure you have learned it before playing this game.

Rocket: It is very good at the bridge, do not ask me why.
We chose Hog instead of so we can not withdraw Pump that is why I used Rocket right here.
This is a cycle against the balloon cycle (yes, not LavaLoon), X-bow T-barbes, etc.
Often, one must cycle Rocket because it is not always easy for Hog nor Mortier to lock the tower, so I It may be called third gain condition (LOL).

Zap: We do not have the newspaper here.
Why zap and not The Log?
Zap is more compatible with F2P.
I did not mention any other cards, but I tell you that this deck lacks defense against air swarms, so Zap is needed.

Valkyrie: Main tank, main AOE.
If it is OP I would say. It is rare, not epic nor legendary. She is OP, especially on a ladder.
Actually, I have nothing to say about this lady.

Gobelin Gang: Swarms.
Pin bait, kite, value against air troops. ] Well, he has been barely embarrassed in recent balance changes (Goblin has been nerve many times, Spear Goblin has been changed).
Depending on the level, you must first start their spells.

What did I say? It was "changed", but not really a nerve.
It's even stronger now. With the damage buff and the nerve of Ice Spirit, they are no longer closed by 1 elixir.
They can counter Graveyard, crazy value.
They are swarms on the ground, it's an advantage over the Princes, and when paired with GG, you can shoot the Mega Knight to the king's tower. 5 vs 7, and activation of King's Tower. Value

Bats: Swarms of air.
I used Hog and Rocket, and I used Bats instead of or Horde.
If you use Fireball instead of Rocket you can use Minions in this slot, but I prefer Rocket
Quite explicit …

Very friendly, F2P, no? But he dominates at 6k +, very crazy I would say.
Which map to update first? Go to Gang> Bats> Zap> Rocket (you want to throw Sparkies)
If you do not care about F2P elements, go see Mortar Rascals.

General gameplay:

Early game: (3:00 – 2:00) Discover their deck.
This is a bait deck, you must depend on their deck.
As in the range 3k – 4k5, you would face a lot of Ebarbs Hog, RG, and Giant, Rocket and Mortar are the keys do not want to spend for unnecessary cases.
In general, you should play passively and cycle pigs.

Mean Game: (2: 00-1: 00) This is the brilliant span of the bridge.
You should know which deck they use (of course, get ready for their pocket card).
This is a 1-0 deck, if you have a tower at this time, defend with everything you have and it should be GG.

Playing late: (1: 00-end) There are 3 ca ses:
– Their turn is low. Cycle Rocket if you can not be punished. Cycle Hog and defend it with bike maps for the last Rocket if you can.
– You could not reach their towers. Make a draw. This is a very rare case.
– A huge effort is coming You know that it is impossible to stop. It's hard to say what to do. Buy time with Mortar and go the other way, even if it had 2k + health.
Mortar can not do anything offensive if she runs Beatdown / Siege. That's why this game is weaker at the end of the game.

Games: I cover only the most outstanding games of this game.

Golem: The most difficult in my opinion. We lack air defense.
The key here is to prevent them from making a big effort by pushing the other way with Hog + brackets.
Really, it's very difficult because just a Golem and a witch are enough problems for us.

LavaLoon: See the "Golem" except the last sentence.
If you messed up with Mortar say GG.
Really, the damage of Pups and Balloon caused sufficient problems for us.

Giant: I hate to say something so often.
But it's the easiest
Witch of the Giant Night …

Damn Ash, he still shares dirty decks.
Giant NW to ] Giant and NW. I believe that NW is one of the hardest pawns
and Minions and Minion Horde .
You can cope with others Giant surprisingly, the decks (giant poison, giant prince 2, giant spark, etc.). Just Mortar in defense, swarms give you DPS and Valkyrie supply aid.

Royal Giant: laughable but I must say something.
Many guys use RG on 3k-4k6 because it's easy to over-level.
Well, your Mortar may be too leveled, but I do not suggest that because we have to update Gang first.
What I want to tell you is that you must remember the placement of Mortar against RG .
Add DPS with Mortar, and they will be screwed.

2.6 Hog Cycle: Although it's not too strong at the moment, JACK's performance I'm very worried about.
Bike decks work well against average decks, but Siege tokens control. So, it is 50-50, depends on the skill.
You can use Mortar aggressively, but do not worry too much or they will rush the other way.
No predictable gangs.
Bats cause a lot of damage because they do not have an adequate response, so enjoy them.

Other encounters are either 50-50 or easy, I believe you will not have any problems using this deck.

That's all!
Tạm biệt 🙂