Blog Post From Ilkka Paananen (SC CEO)

Blog Post From Ilkka Paananen (SC CEO)

An interesting read, especially the last section.

For those who don’t want to read through the whole thing, this is what I’m referencing:

‘One of our goals this year is to get better at creating more content for our players. This is a more interesting challenge to us than you might think. On one hand, we like our small team sizes because we believe that is one of the reasons we’ve been able to produce innovative games with fun core gameplay. On the other hand, there is only so much content a small group of people can do, no matter how talented they are or how hard they work. Anyway, we’ve concluded that this is something that we need to get better at. How do we keep the small team sizes that are so important for innovation, while getting much better at serving you, our players, with more content?

We have now made the first few steps to improve this. One, we’ve partnered with some talented external studios who will be helping us to build more and better content. Two, we have invested more into tools & technology that will help us create content more efficiently. And three, we have slightly grown the size of the live teams (but only the live game teams) to be able to serve all of you better. What all of this means for a game like Brawl Stars, for example, is more brawlers, more skins and more environments being added more frequently. ‘


More content coming faster to games would be a massive positive for the likes of ourselves in CR. One of the biggest gripes at the moment is the time it takes to address things/implement things in game – hopefully this means we’ll be seeing that improve (on top of the massively improved comms/progression/rewards/etc. we’ve already seen over the last couple to few months).

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