why you should uninstall this game


to preface this, I have nothing against this game. this post is a way for me to vent my frustration in a non-harmful way and is specifically for those of you who feel frustrated about the game
Yes, I know that this game is fun. Yes, I have spent my own money buying chests in hopes of getting a legendary. However, this game is a waste of time. Like most other games, this game has no end goal that players are willing to work hard to reach (unless you are trying to get top 1, but let’s be real here: most of us don’t have the time nor the money to spend). Now that would be ok if this game was not as frustrating to play as it currently is. Some games that have end goals that are impossible to reach if you are not willing to spend hours and hours playing the game are fun, like League. The reason why league is fun while clash Royale is not is because it’s not as FRUSTRATING to play. Sure, there might be a few trolls and afkers but not in MOST of your games. In clash Royale, there is SO much to be frustrated about. for example, some situations include: the enemy tower has only 1 health, the enemy bandit with 1 hp somehow miraculously survives and gets off a dash on your tower, your opponent spamming emotes like there’s no tomorrow. I admit that not every single game induces anger. HOWEVER, most games are around 3 minutes long, so it is unlikely that you will only play ONE game. you are BOUND to get frustrated at one point. and after that frustration hits, you want to play another game. and then possibly another. and SINCE you are frustrated, you probably won’t be playing at your optimum level. therefore, you probably will lose and become even more frustrated. So, you decide to play another game. the cycle repeats itself until you are finally aware how much time you have wasted. (I know that some of you are able to stop playing after you get frustrated, but I’m sure most people experience the hypothetical situation described above). So that’s why you should delete this game. BECAUSE IT WASTES TIME. I know that other games waste time too, but this game also makes you frustrated while doing so, which makes you waste EVEN MORE time and puts you in a shitty mood for the rest of your day. Now, open your phone. Press and hold the app. Delete it. Do something productive or play another game that won’t make you want to punch a hole in your wall. You don’t have to listen to me. Like I said, all this post is is a way to release my anger.
Please excuse my shitty punctuation and grammar. I swear I don’t write like this in real life.

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