UPDATE OF 12/11/17 (Monday)-(to the haters) also proof Clash Royale isn’t dying


– Hog Rider: Hit Speed to 1.6 sec (from 1.5sec), first attack comes 0.1sec slower

– Knight: Hit Speed to 1.2 sec (from 1.1sec)

– Prince (for some reason): Hitpoints +5%, hit speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec)

– Damage Spells (Fireball, Lightning, Zap, Log, Poison, Rocket, Arrows): Damage -5% to Crown Towers (more at bottom)

– Ice Golem: Death Damage slow effect duration to 1sec (from 2sec)

– Skeleton Barrel: Added Death Damage

– Giant Skeleton: Hitpoints +5%

– Goblins (affects Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel): Damage -6%

– Elixir Collector: Hitpoints-13%

– Guards: Damage +5%, Base Health +5% (not shields), Attack Speed to 1.1sec (from 1.2sec)


~ Mortar – FIXED: (after update) no more minimum range bug

~Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower – FIXED: Inferno Beams (after update) will reset and possibly retarget (depends on situation) after breaking shields (e.g. Guards, Dark Prince, Canon Cart)

LEAKED INFO (so descriptive that it’s probably true):

1.) Skinnable King Towers. May be related to content of Arena

2.) New rarity with different card frame. Card types will become: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Hero. Hero cards will have a special chest and only available thru Arena 11

3.) Number of cards in chests may be changed. Legendary Chest may be changed to 2-4 cards per chest.

4.) Highest Level: Commons 13, Rare 11, Epic 8, Legendary 5, Hero 3

5.) Clans will be able to donate Legendaries after reaching Level 10. Card request level is unknown. Timing is once per month

6.) King Tower may have additional abilities, e.g. freeze/inferno

7.) Clan Tournaments. Two types. 1: within Clan. 2: Clan vs. Clan based on number of members in each Clan.

8.) Tournaments. Prizes can be customized manually by the number of cards and types/varieties of cards

NEW LEAKED CARDS (might be coming in game, maybe not):

– Mini Sparky (basically)

– Some remote looking thing (might *be* the Mini Sparky)

– Some Davy Crockett dude

*CORRECT* DAMAGE SPELLS ON CROWN TOWERS (after update): 40% -> 35% damage

– Level 9 Zap: 56- will deny 2 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 1 Log: 84- will deny 2 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 9 Arrows: 86- will deny 3 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 7 Fireball: 201- will deny 6 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 4 Poison: 216- will deny 6 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 4 Lightning: 293- will deny 8 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 7 Rocket: 432- will deny 8 Elixir from Elixir Collector

– Level 4 Freeze- will deny 1 Elixir from Elixir Collector

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