Ultimate Guide to the Rocket


Today, I will talk about the Rocket Stats, Why Use Rocket, Rocket vs Pump, Cycling, Synergies,  Decks. I have the impression that it is an incredible card to run in this meta. It’s one of the best maps of the meta if you know how to use it properly.

I am u/GasterCR. I am an F2P player running spell bait with a PB of 4120. This is also my first strategy guide, so it might not be very good. I will be looking to strategists like u/edihau to improve. Let’s get into the guide


  • Cost: 6 elixirs
  • Radius: 2 tiles
  • Target: Earth and Air
  • Type: Magic Rare
  • damage (Lvl 7): 1232
  • Crown Tower damage (Lvl 7): 493

Why should you use the rocket?

The Rocket is the ultimate anti-meta card right now. This is the worst nightmare of a player of three musketeers. It can also take pumps and xbows for an equal exchange (which are quite heavy in the meta). He can also stop a mortar + archers + knight thrust, eBarbs, and glass cannons behind the tower. Although sparky is rare in this meta, it’s the 2nd best card vs sparky (the best is ewiz).

Rocket vs pump

When you see a pump on the board, there are 2 possible scenarios

  1. They play a golem/lava hound/PPP deck. Rocket should be used on the pumps even when it is placed in the middle
  2. They play 3 musketeers. DO NOT COLD THE PUMP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PEKKA! They will fuck you with 3 musketeers when you do not have a pawn.
  3. They play another card game. Try to launch them and see what happens.

You must know the deck that they play

  • Cards that indicate the beat: Baby Dragon, Lightning, Mega Minion, Golem – • Cards that indicate 3M: Battle Ram, Minion Horde, Ice Golem
  • Neutral cards (Do not worry a lot about the game): Goblin Gang, Bats, Goblins, Night Witch

Although it’s with lightning instead of rocket, Hazard does a good job explaining that it’s CWA’s video Pekka Hog (Link in comments)


If your pig stops logging, or if your goblin barrel continues to be connected, you can make a bike rocket in the tower. It’s a risky move, so I’m going to clear up on when to deploy a rocket:

  • If the tower is under 494 with less than 15 seconds on the clock
  • If there is a health unit of less than 1232 that costs 3 or more to the tower (Bowler is also good for the rocket.) You should not really throw armored units and swarms in addition to the princesses, archers and barbed wire.
  • If there is no key unit to launch or open in the opponent’s base and you have a full bar or a defense


Mirror: Quite explicit. You can finish the game in overtime if they have <986 health on their turn

Goblin Barrel: You can hide the cannon if you time the deployment on the right. Even if you do not, the rocket will destroy the troop of your opponents and it will inflict more than 1200 points of damage with baited spells (Only good in overtime)

Tornado: You crush all units and kill them (All that is up to a Knight will die to that I think)

Minor: The rocket doubles the damage and eliminates the minor counter of the opponents

Tanks: Rocket gets rid of defenses (mostly hells and killers) and the tank continues


  • Rocket Spell Bait(The meta): Inferno, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Knight, Princess, Log, Ice Spirit, Rocket(duh)
  • 2.6 Miner Rocket Miner, Rocket(duh), Archers, Cannon, Log, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem
  • Hog Rocket: Hog, Rocket(duh), Log, Ice Wizard, Ice Spirit, Guards, Mini Pekka, Princess
  • Gaster’s Zap Bait(Just wanted to include my own hand-crafted deck, anti-Golem Lightning): Bowler, Rocket(duh), Inferno Tower, Fire Spirits, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Log
  • 2.9 Mortar Cycle(Mortar Mauler, Anti-Log Bait): Mortar, Rocket(duh), Arrows, Log, Knight, Archers, Skeletons, Ice Spirit

Edit: Added Woody’s Mortar Cycle to the Decks section and made the guide more readable

Edit 2: Added another line after the heading so the guide is clear for mobile users

Edit 3: Made most of the lists clear for mobile users. You just have to view them with 2 dots in front. I still can’t fix the list in section 5 tho.

Edit 4: Changed 2 possibilities to 3

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you learned something. Peace and make sure to DAB ON EM HATERS!

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