[Idea] Tournament Tickets as Quest Rewards

Many players lack incentive to complete chests, as rewards are not enough to risk falling trophies on a ladder.

The Tournaments are terrifying right now, and if Supercell has to give bigger and better rewards to participate in the tournaments (as many want it), it should be a bit more difficult to enter these tournaments. Say, you have to get an entry ticket to join one.

How about making these entry tickets obtained from quests? Either in the chest at the end, as rewards for individual quests or both.

The benefits of this idea:

1) This makes players more likely to perform quests (obviously), which allows players to connect.

2) This allows the tournaments to have better rewards and to be more competitive.

3) This gives players another resource to grind for other gold and gems, which is new content that Supercell could hype, and it could potentially create more types of store offers (eg 3 tournament tickets for 10,000 gold!).

4) Since quests usually involve playing in ladder, this gives players a good reason to play ladder (to get ticke ts as quest rewards) and gives the ladder some form of exclusivity.

Please, tell me what you think:)