This game is inherently un-fun

Dear Supercell: when you make a game such as Clash Royale there are several things you have to consider. Card balance, and fun being the top two priorities you should have. Sadly you have failed time and time again in these aspects. To start with let’s simply talk about the tanks in the game. P.E.K.K.A and Mega Knight mostly. If you don’t have an inferno tower or inferno dragon you’re pretty screwed, apart from having one of these two yourself. Having unkillable tanks that even the swarm troops meant to stop them can’t handle, looking at you mega knight, is beyond frustrating. Your matchmaking is terrible as you’ll run into constant smurfs or trophy droppers that just cause you to drop over and over. The gameplay is frustrating at best which really drags it down and do we even need to talk about the state hog rider is in? A .1 second nerf to hit speed is not going to cause hog cycle decks to suddenly be bad. Onto the progression system, once you reach a certain point in trophies it becomes impossible to push if you aren’t at least close to maxed out with your deck. I’ve come across many players who, even if I counter a push as well as possible with the deck I have, own such high level cards that I had to use so much elixir to counter it they just set up another push and I’m screwed. The chest system is godawful because you want people to spend money on gems so bad that it causes a problem when the best way to get a certain card is to drop or buy them. Clan donations help a little but not much when you have 400 cards to the next level. This is coming from a place of frustration. Frustration from constantly playing against people well over my skill level either dropping trophies or smurfing, and a place of love for this game that, at it’s core is amazingly fun to play and satisfying to win at. Balance and matchmaking need something done with them and you’ve got a perfect mobile game.

Sincerely – A loving player who is frustrated as hell.

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