The Royal Giant Skeleton Card [Idea]

The Royal Giant Skeleton is sort of a no-brainer. This card would be just like the Giant Skeleton, but it has a cannon in hand and can target all troops and buildings. It would most likely be a Epic, but I also think it would be nice as a legendary. The reason why I had this idea is because Clash Royale needs more options for tanks, and just because I think it would fit in the game. Now, The Royal Giant Skeleton would have less health than the Giant Skeleton (-200 HP), but slightly more damage, by maybe 200 Attack Points. It’s bomb damage will also be slightly LESS, by about 100 Attack Points.

Now, I know this card WILL need a bit of buffs and nerfs, because, of course, I’m no game developer. But anyways, I’d love to see something like this card in the game. Thanks for reading!

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