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How to Counter the Mega Knight
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It doesn’t matter if you have a counter to the Mega Knight

What makes this card op, isn’t his offensive skills. There are a lot of possible equal or positive elixir trades to Counter the Mega Knight. The real problems are something else:

Defensive Skills

Alright, i got it. You have a knight and Tesla, an inferno dragon or Pekka in your deck. But one reason that he is op is how well he does at defense. Just drop him on the glass cannons and swarm the tank against a push, he survives with 50% of his health against an EB-fire spirit combo, he smashes bridge span to the ground, etc.. You might be able to counter him, but your opponent keeps making positive elixir trades. You will think back to the advantage more and more throughout the game when on some point he jumps on your tower and the game is done. This gives you the feeling that his problem is offense.

Enemy field Control

Even if you have a counter, they will rarely ever survive. At this point some of you want to tell me “but i can counter him with [insert air unit]!” Well, there are arrows, zap, glass cannons ETC.. The list goes on, and these people will try to protect him, just how they did with the hog, who got nerfed anyways. The point is, you can defend a lot of cards with an equal elixir trade and have enough survivors to build up a push. This is not the case with the Mega Knight. As he has a jumping ability you are given a small reaction time. Another backfire is that you may not have enough elixir to defend, as he might have just destroyed the push you have invested so much elixir in. Both of these equals you not being able to fully defend him or investing too much elixir, just so he doesn’t jump on your tower.

I think I explained enough. I cheerfully greet your Pekka with a goblin gang and if you have defeated players who play Mega Knight, about 50 gagillion times, it’s because your deck is made for him.

Thanks for reading!

Strategy Guides, Tips,

What decks to use in the challenge? Share your thoughts + splashyard variant

The time has come: Mega Knight will soon land in the arena. The challenge will offer the chance to get one early, and I am absolutely determined to get it. That’s why I’m here to share my point of view on the map and to win yours.

This is the bridge I plan to use, with an explanation for each choice:

* Cemetery: Have you ever heard of the crazy concept of Pekka-Sparky-Yard? He was planning to build an unstoppable push that posed 3 different heavy threats to the opponent who could not handle them all at the same time. Well, Megayard should come up with a similar concept: the opponent faces both a horde of skeletons and a crazy jumping beast that splatters. Good luck with that. In addition, MK has a massive health pool and will be a reservoir for centuries.

* Baby Dragon: High health, decent damage, splash ability and aerial targeting: this guy has it all. The cemetery tanks, good synergy with the tornado, defend air troops that are strong against MK. Overall, just fine.

* Electro Wizard: at this moment, probably the best card of the game. Good synergy with Graveyard, defends Infernos tanks, offers a versatile zapping effect on spawning and powerful defense.

* Tornado: powerful and versatile spell, a great synergy with MK as he can just shoot troops and group them for a splash jump. As well with Baby D and EWiz.

* Poison: better spell for GY and still strong against a lot of meta decks.

* Knight: Very strong as ground defense, massive HP, cheap and amazing as a distraction. In addition, he is a good against MK and a good tank for GY.

* Goblins / bats: DPS high cycle cards, yet to choose a favorable.

* Mega Knight: obviously.

So, that is my deck, I hope it helps somebody. I am looking forward to hearing yours! What do you plan to use in this challenge?


A Guide that Came Too Late

Here is my first article on strategy, which deals with the new challenge of mega-knights. Each card in this deck has an exclusive function, so if you lose any of the cards in the deck, you risk playing it completely differently.
Card Analysis

Mega Knight (called MK)

Yes, I know you have to run this card because you are in this card challenge; However, this card has good defensive potentials. For example, the MK alone can stop any thrust of bridgespam and offers a counterattack almost at full health. Due to the rampant race of P.E.K.K.A, however, this card normally sees little play after it is countered by it. However, if your opponent does not throw a pekka, MK can be used as a secondary victory condition if you manage to get him into the tower.


The push destroyer and a staple in the bridge. Since everyone has to run the MK in their deck, this card is THE perfect wicket because of its ability to cut the MK without taking significant damage and applying an immediate threat. When you play this card, you would like to be in a defensive position because if your opponent also uses P.E.K.K.A, your P.E.K.K.A will not take another P.E.K.K.A on your opponent’s side.

Inferno Dragon (referred to as ID):

As IDs do not die on their own, more and more people are starting to use it because lightning does not close it completely. The ID is used as a secondary tank killer and a catch-up in case something hits your turn and you do not have the P.E.K.K.A in your hand to defend yourself. After killing the threat, the ID becomes a threat and if your opponent has no ewiz or kite ice golem, you suffer significant damage to the tower or even any tower.

Ice Spirit (called ispirit)

The reason this card is used on doots and goblins is simply that P.E.K.K.A is everywhere and the ispirit allows your P.E.K.K.A to gain 1v1. This may seem insignificant; However, you never know if a P.E.K.K.A with a piece of health will make it to the tower or not, so your opponent will probably commit an elixir to kill her. Also ispirit can be used to stall the game late, but unlikely since the finished time is 3 minutes.

Electro Wizard (called ewiz)

Your tertiary defense and your support. This card is particularly good for its chilling effect and therefore makes the cut. Since many people also think that ID is a very good tank killer, ewiz helps you melt your P.E.K.K.A or MK. Also, when you do not have the ID or PEKKA ready for, say, a pig, ewiz will only leave one shot and offer a little threat or support on the way to the next one. ewiz at the side of your opponent. Ewiz could be used as a secondary zap if your starting hand is really bad, though unlikely as arrows and zap are included in the deck.


Due to its high damage and AOE, it should kill most of your opponents plants’ troops on their side by trying to stop your P.E.K.K.A. Also this is your main killer for inferno cards. There is not much to say on this card, it’s just a good spell in general for all decks that have a solid tank.


the traditional bridges of P.E.K.K.A perform the popular combination of tornado and hangman; however, this is not a quick enough response to hordes of minions since you do not want to lose your big tanks to just 5 elixirs because you do not have enough elixir to kill the minions after have committed the elixir.


You might be surprised that the all-powerful newspaper does not make the cut. This card is only included because of the popularity of bats in this challenge – same deal with the servants, you do not want the tanks to be stopped for 2 elixir bats and an ice golem.

Obviously, the newspaper cannot hit the air, so zap is higher in this case. In awkward situations, you can zap your opponent ‘s tower to prevent your tower’ s identity card from doing immense damage.

Game plan (Guide that Came Too Late)

This deck and the meta-challenge encourage defensive games (jokes on SC lol), since the players of P.E.K.K.A can not fight between opponents. At the beginning of the game, you only play and play cards if you have to (unless your opponent plays like shit and overcommits, which gives you a huge advantage and you do not want to waste it). Here are the different possible reconciliations.

  1. P.E.K.K.Ur a pig or a mirror: This is the match-up where you have to hang all the time because the return cards in this game would not work. You will have to play defense to build troops on your side and finish your opponent on an unstoppable counter push. Not a very good match overall but you will not lose.
  2. Spell bait: You have 2 spells and the ewiz to treat all swarms, which makes this match incredibly easy; however, as P.E.K.K.A costs 7 elixirs and you do not always have enough elixir to kill the inferno cards, you still have to stall before the double elixir.
  3. Bridgespam: Much quieter after the nerve of the night witch. P.E.K.K.A completely destroys the battering ram, bandit and night witch on your side, making it an easy match. You still want to win because good spam players use the ID effectively and you do not have enough elixir to kill it.
  4. Fringe decks: Non-hard-hard decks normally cannot come back from a flash of value with a P.E.K.K.A. Even if you find that your opponent’s deck does not include inferno cards, you still can not go right away because the Executioner’s Twister combo requires the 9 Elixir Flash combo. None of the fringe bridges have a chance against this bridge.

Overall, this deck is not hard to play because the game plan is pretty much the same for every game. I hope you find something useful in this text block and that you will use it to earn your MK: D

<pre><pre> Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Hey guys, HS aka derpy boy here, introducing you to another guide! Here Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge.

This deck contains Mega Knight, so some of you might think this game is boring, but I assure you this is not the case! This deck is lighter than Mega Knight P.E.K.K.A and slightly heavier than Mega Knight Miner.

Introducing the GIANT Mega Knight (happy medium).

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge
Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge


  • Packs a lot of punch
  • Not so difficult to use
  • Kills the seat, and has a bit of advantage over the control


  • A little weak against other beatdown decks
  • Quite heavy
  • Easy to get stuck in a bad cycle
  • Legendary Heavy

The Mega Giant Deck

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Mega Knight

Have you ever tried using a Mega Knight deck without Mega Knight? It’s pretty hard to do that in my opinion.

This guy does a lot of things in this game.

In defense, his spawn damage helps clean the glass cannons. His splash attack takes care of several cards behind a tank, or alone. It can also be used to eliminate a headquarters building, but Giant is better at this.

At the attack, he cleans the way of Giant and himself. He is also able to kill Inferno Tower (if supported by Zap). But try not to use it, especially in attack because it can not hit the air and costs 7 elixirs.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Giant

He is the main attack card as he is very tanky and targets only the buildings!

It should be mainly used to tank other support troops, such as Mega Knight and Electro Wizard.

It can also be used to ride a bike and rush it is so cheap! This makes it safer to play than a P.E.K.K.A or a Golem.

Of course, you can always rush with a single Bandit, but he’s a lot more tanky and powerful, just for 2 more elixirs! Do not use it to defend, however

It is quite useless in defense because it does not target the troops.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Bandit

Your main damage to the dealer until the last minute (of course, it can also be used at the last minute).

This card offers a lot of value for 3 elixirs, and it combines very well with Mega Knight! In fact, it’s in all the MK decks I know except MK Hog and MK Balloon.

She should mostly be used at the attack because of her shooting ability, but she is as good in defense!

Do not let the swarms kill her (Skeletons, Gobs, Witch, etc.), and everything will be fine.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Electro Wizard

This guy has He has retained the title of “best legendary card” since 1990.

Even after the nerve, he is still good because of its “amazing” ability to slow down and reset troops for only 4 elixirs! Unlike his Ice Wizard brother, he can be used in both attack and defense!

In defense, it can be used to close swarm cards with spawn damage, and kill medium-sized troops, such as Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, even a knight!

In attack, he will be your reliable Inferno Dragon / Tower marker

He may also serve as a Minions / Bats marker, but I do not recommend it.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Inferno Dragon

He will be your tank killer in this game! Since nothing else in this deck is causing much damage, it will be vital against clashes.

If they use a Giant / Golem deck, you should not use it except in defense.

If they play PEKKA / Mega Knight, things get interesting.

You can actually use it in attack! He can actually kill them because of his damage, but you should not rely on this combo because it can easily be stopped by a single Electro Wizard, which many people use.

So desperate, he can even kill a Hog while taking only 3 to 4 shots! But I do not recommend it because there are better options in this deck

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Elixir Collector

The Key to making this super heavy deck work!

If ignored, this card generates an Elixir advantage! It forces your opponent to react quickly, while generating free Elixir! That sounds wonderful, is not it?

But beware, this card costs 6 elixirs, so follow these rules when you want to drop this card:

  1. You must have at least 9 elixirs.
  2. You know that they can not rush you because they’ve just used their win condition (like Hog Rider), or dropped a support card at the back.
  3. You know that he can not just destroy it with a spell
  4. You have a perfect hand to defend.

Rule number 3 may be broken in some cases, for example when your opponent has a much faster cycle, or when you want to catch his big spell. It also ruins their game plan, so it’s not a total mess.

And if your opponent does not give you the time to drop one, I’ve won a lot of games without losing a single Elixir Collector!

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Arrows

Clearance of the swarm.

Use it against the gob Barrel, Minions, Minion Horde, etc.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Zap

Unlike arrows, you can use it in various situations. For example, you can stun their Troops / Inferno Tower to give you that precious benefit! 0.5 seconds is longer than you think! Of course, you can also erase swarms with this.

Replacements :

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge [19659002] Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridgeUltra Mega Powerul giant bridge

General Gameplan

First minute:

Passively playing is the key here

Your job right now would be to make positive Elixir trades.

Play lone Bandit to understand the general type your opponent is running, and to know what your opponent would use to counter Giant + MK

You can make Elixir positive trades with the Elixir Collector (protect at all costs). Make sure to follow the 4 rules of Elixir Collector that I mentioned above!

As for the baiting of their pawns (Inferno Tower / Dragon, PEKKA, Mini PEKKA and other high DPS troops), attack by counter-attack! let’s say you defended a Hog push with Ewiz and Bandit. Just throw a Giant to form a powerful push!

But do not use MK to counter the thrust because it’s too risky, and it will explode your surprise factor.

If you succeed in understanding your opponent’s pieces, try to think of how to counter the counter (pun intended).

If your opponent’s high DPS troop is PEKKA, then I’ll drop an Inferno dragon instead of ewiz behind Giant + MK. If it is Inferno Dragon / Tower, try to make sure that ewiz locks on it

But do not put these actions into practice until the timer has reached the Double Elixir’s time.

Second Minute: [19659002] You should make positive trades, perfect your cycle, and generally prepare yourself for the massive push that will end your opponent at this minute.

You can still install pumps if you wish, until 1:30. As for the cycle, your favorite cycle would be something like this:

Giant (to be placed at the back), MK, ewiz, spell, bandit, etc.

Do not forget to bait their chips! 19659002] You should also have done some minor damage to be ready if your push fails. When the clock hits 1:10, put a Giant at the back, the side you are defending

Last Minute – Overtime

It’s time to release the beasts!

slowly put the brackets behind. But be sure to be slow because they could rush while you spend all your elixir on your thrust, or you could open a chance for a valuable spell.

After your thrust passes the bridge, drop everything!

They should have found their chips now, so play according to the situation.

If your push does not remove the tower, no worries! If their HP Tower is around 400, just defend and spell the cycle.

Otherwise, go into overtime and use all the positive Elixir exchanges you made very early!


Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Normal Poison Minor

If your opponent used a Minor and did not drop an Elixir Collector, there are good chances that his counter is Inferno Tower, which is not easy to remove

Inferno Tower completely kills Giant, so you should not expect a crown before Double Elixir.

The defense part is easier. Use your Bandit to protect your Collector Tower / Elixir from his Miner, use Ewiz for Bandit and you should be good.

When you hit Double Elixir, try to stack troops so that your ewiz is not distracted by anything.

Since they must rely solely on Inferno Tower, Ewiz locked on it is automatic three crowns for you. But if they are really good at stalling your Ewiz, then you may have to play for a draw

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge PEKKA Minor Poison

The One This is a bit easier than the normal variant because of how Giant just ignores PEKKA and deals damage to Tower. Play it as the normal variant, except that you will instead rely on Inferno Dragon instead of Electro Wizard

Siege: a piece of cake. You have 2 strong markers to besiege; MK and Giant. These cards are rather heavy, so be careful when placing your Elixir Collector (you may not have the chance to use it at all!), And it will be an easy win for you.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Log Bait

Even easier than the siege!

You have 2 spells, leading to massive positive Elixir exchanges (ex: Gob Gang + Barrel- Zap + Arrows = + 1 exchange!

Regarding the attack, play the same way as The Miner Control (Inferno Tower).

If it’s the MK variant, space your troops so that it can not eliminate all your thrust.] Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Three Musketeers

Not too popular nowadays, these girls can be a threat to your shot because you can not kill them directly with a spell, and they carry as many DPS! 19659002] In defense, it ‘s really easy.Mk on the 2 Musketeers, and use the rest on the other

This match is not too hard, try to get some damage from the beginning and you could even win!

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Hog Rider

P hard, half of your deck is an opponent to Hog and they probably will not have a reliable tank killer in their deck, thus making your push unstoppable.

Use Ewiz for Hog, and Bandit for media.

If they urge you, you just have to defend with a Bandit to create an Elixir advantage.

Ultra Mega Powerul giant bridge Golem [19659002

They would still have an advantage over you because of the amount of health of the Golem compared to Giant And this deck can not Do not rush, so put Inferno Dragon / Pump when they use their Golem.

Then their thrust crosses the bridge, drops MK on their support troops, and Inferno Dragon on the Golem.

The attack would not be too hard since Golem decks rarely use a high HP and DPS troop, so always try to do more damage than them.

If it goes into overtime (1-1) which is pretty common (so expect this situation and inflict damage in both rounds), become aggressive in the center, use MK, Bandit, Giant to your advantage [19659002] It’s OK to lose in this match


Well, that’s pretty much all about this card game. This deck has always given me easy wins, and it’s frequently used by binders! I hope you get victories with this game! Have a clashtastic day!

Note: There is a survey built into this post, please visit the site to participate in the survey of this post.

Please share your opinion below

<pre><pre> Hello guys, this is Deepshul GaMeR of ROYALE BEASTS. I will share a game that literally interprets the Mega Knight, the P.E.K.K.A control and a "measure" log bait. </p>
<p> This is a balanced bridge and has good air defense. I've recently won 12 wins with this game. </p>
<p> Pong TV used this platform to get 12 wins and TOP 10 GLOBAL. No more vanities, let's get to the bridge right away! </p>
<p> <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-19495" src="" alt=" hog spam "width =" 1064 "height =" 646 "/> </p>
Harbor Bridge Spam Deck </strong> </span> </h2>
Clash Royale Goggle "width =" 141 "height =" 169 "/> <img src="" alt=" Clash Royale Goggle" width = "141" height = "169" /> Clash Royal Inferno Dragon "width =" 141 "height =" 169 "/> <img src="" alt="
<img src="" alt=" Clash Royale Bandit "width =" 141 "height =" 169 "/> <img src="" alt=" Clash Royal Lightning" width = "141" <img src="" alt=" Clash Royale Zap "width =" 141 "height =" 169 "/> </p>
<p> <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-17214" src="" alt="" width="1280" height="720" /> </p>
<p> <strong> Advantages </strong> </p>
<div class="su-list su-list-style-">
<li> <i class="fa fa-star" style="color:#333"> </i> Compensates the popular platforms like Mega Knight, P.E.K.K.A Control, Mega P.E.K.K.A, Golem Beatdown etc. </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-star" style="color:#333"> </i> Features Spam Bridge elements that help to extremely pressurize the opponent. </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-star" style="color:#333"> </i> Fairly cheap (3.3 AEC) </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-star" style="color:#333"> </i> Extremely good to make returns </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-star" style="color:#333"> </i> Level Independent </li>
<p> <strong> Against </strong> </p>
<div class="su-list su-list-style-">
<li> <i class="fa fa-minus-circle" style="color:#333"> </i> Legendary Heavy (there are submarines) (new payfecta ??) </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-minus-circle" style="color:#333"> </i> Type of weak against Lava Loon </li>
<li> <i class="fa fa-minus-circle" style="color:#333"> </i> Requires a lot of practice </li>
<h3> <span style="font-size: 14pt;color: #003366"> <strong> Distribution of the maps: </strong> </span> </h3>
Hog Rider: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Hog Rider "width =" 70 "height =" 84 "/> Hog Rider: </strong> This victory condition can destroy the princess tower in no more than a few poles. </p>
<p> Pair with the Goblins or the Golem Ice and it will be very difficult to counter. </p>
<p> Spam the bridge with Hog + Bandit in double elixir and get guaranteed, easy and free damage! </p>
<p> Looking for Hog Decks? Head to this page (Link) to find the best pork pieces out there! </p>
Ice Golem: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Ice Cole Golem Ice width: "Ice Golem: </strong> Very good mini-tank and also effective to have an impressive cost-value. 39 and is paired with Hog, he can help the Hog get 2-3 extra moves because it temporarily distracts their defensive units and slows them down a bit. </p>
<p> Can instantly kill minors when they are paired with Zap. It is essential that the mega knight does not hawk him in the other way and that the dragon of hell destroys. This is also how you kill a PEKKA. </p>
<p> Also useful for chariot puppies after Lava Hound explodes. </p>
<p> Overall, this card is the silent killer of this bridge. </p>
Goblin: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Clash Royale Goblin These guys became very popular after the skeletons got nerfed to three! </p>
<p> For an additional elixir, it provides much more damage and synergies with our victory condition, the Hog. When used with Hog, they can kill support troops easily with their high DPS. </p>
<p> This card is also the optimum / best counter for a Hog, especially when they do not have Log and have Zap instead. </p>
<p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Inferno Dragon Inferno Clash "width =" 70 "height =" 84 "/> Inferno Dragon: </strong> It was once known as the Flying Garbage Bin with wings but not more. </p>
<p> The dragon of hell is the tank MELTER (get it?) From this bridge. This card has become popular at the metaphone Bridge Spam and is still widely used as it is a great counter for MK. </p>
<p> Gives infinite value and does not die in a flash. Very dangerous if you can stack many of these types. </p>
<p> When you see a tank, drop it quickly and an ice golem to enemy miners, bats or any air counters. Against MK and PEKKA, KITE and MELT. </p>
Bandit: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Bandit: </strong> After its not so recent buff, it is used in all the archetypes of the game. </p>
<p> When it is incorporated into a game of pigs, it makes the bridge shine. It deletes all support troops with its dashboard and when it rushes on the tower, you're done (opponent). </p>
<p> Very well behind the pig too. (replacements below) </p>
Lightning: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" This is the spell of high damage to the bridge. </p>
<p> Gets great value against a large tank pressed with glass cannons behind them. Get rid of the elixir collector with damage on the tower. </p>
<p> Help remove the E-wiz from the card and let I-Dragon cause havoc. </p>
<p> Also synergizes well with Hog as it stuns and counteracts the Dragon and Inferno Tower fairly well. </p>
<p> Princess: </strong> Last but not the least of the legendary cards, the Princess. </p>
<p> It is so good at killing long-range HP units. Also helps with bridge spam. </p>
<p> Just like the Inferno Dragon, getting 2 or more on the field can get your opponent out of rabies. </p>
<p> She is the ultimate support card (USC). </p>
Zap: <p> <strong> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt=" Clap Royale Zap "Zap: </strong> Zap is the basic food staple of low-cost inflicting, inexpensive and versatile all pigs in the meta. </p>
<p> Automatic explanation </p>.
<h3> <span style="color: #003366"> <span style="color: #003366"> Substitutions </span> </strong>: </h3>
Clash Royale Miner "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> <img src="" width="111" height="60" /> <img src="" alt=" Clash Royale Hog Rider"
<img src="" width="111" height="60" /> <img src="" alt=" <img src="" alt=" Clash Royale Knight "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> <img src="" alt="
Clash Royale Bats Clash Royale Skeleton Clash Royale Skeleton Clash Royale [ClashRoyaleGoblinGang"width="54"height="65"/></p>
Clash Royale Zap "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> <img src="" width="111" height="60" /> <img src="" alt="
Clash Royale Lightning "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> <img class="alignleft" src="" alt="
<img src="" width="111" height="60" /> <img src="" alt=" Clash Royal Inferno Dragon "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> <img src="" width="111" height="60" /> Clash Royal Inferno Tower "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> </p>
Clash Royale Ice Wizard Clash Royale Ice Wizard Clash Royale Ice Wizard Clash Royale Ice Clash Royale [ElectroWizard"width="54"height="65"/></p>
<h3> <span style="color: #003366"> <strong> General game plan </strong> </span> </h3>
<p> <strong> 3:00 to 2:00 </strong> </p>
<p> It is best to start with a princess behind your King Tower. In this meta, it is not wise to start with a pig rider because the control bridges are everywhere and you can overtake you heavily. </p>
<p> If you do not have Princess in your starting hand, loose Goblins or Ice Golem in the back and when it arrives to the deck, drop your Hog. </p>
<p> While the Hog bridges are stronger in a single elixir, at least two Hog chicks (Hog + Gobs / Ice Golem paired with Zap) must be made in the first minute. </p>
<p> With this game, it is not so serious if you win too much time! Most games end in 2-1 victories because this bridge does not have a solid defense. </p>
<p> Feel the opponent and his deck and do not win too. </p>
<p> <strong> 2:00 to 1:00 </strong> </p>
<p> At the moment, you will know your opponent's game and your style of play. </p>
<p> Count their pawns with the least elixir possible (sometimes you will see Pong TV give up a tower to get a 2-1 victory). Play this game more like a control bridge in this frame. </p>
<p> Defend and lay a pig in front of the defending troops in back pressure. Sneakily deposits the Bandit between you / during your flares. </p>
<p> <strong> Overtime </strong> </p>
<p> Most bridges of the pork cycle are not so strong in overtime, but this bridge is! </p>
<p> After defending a thrust, you will usually have an Inferno Dragon / Bandit or Ice Golem. </p>
<p> Pass the force with Hog + Gobs + Bandit with Zap hovering. </p>
<p> If you have stacked the princesses / Inferno Dragons, you have very good chances to win. </p>
<p> Spam, Spam, Spam. </p>
<p> <strong> Some very strong thrusts during overtime: </strong> </p>
<li> Hog + Gobs + Bandit (zap hovering) - 9 + 2 elixir </li>
<li> Hog + Inferno Dragon + Ice Golem (zap hovering) - 10 + 2 elixir </li>
</em> (19459027) (only works with a counterweight) <li> Hog + Inferno Dragon + Gobs + Ice Golem + Bandit (zap hovering) - 15 + 2 elixir [
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Matchups </span> </strong>
Deck Building,

Balanced bridge and has good air defense with Mega Knight, P.E.K.K.A., log bait

Hello guys, this is Deepshul GaMeR of ROYALE BEASTS. I will share a game that literally interprets the Mega Knight, the P.E.K.K.A control, and a measure log bait. This is a balanced bridge and has good air defense. I’ve recently won 12 wins in this game. Pong TV used this platform to get 12 wins and TOP 10 GLOBAL. No more vanities, let’s get to the bridge right away!

Golem Beat: Push the other way with 10 elixirs.

Inferno Dragon for Golem and Ice Golem / Lightning for support troops.

Not so difficult to counter.

P.E.K.K.A. Control: Always try to push the other way as the way where they deposit their PEKKA.

When you know that the opponent will defend your Hog push with P.E.K.K.A, always push with Ice Golem + Hog + Inferno Dragon.

The Dragon of Inferne literally melt Pekka!

Mega Knight Decks: Ice Golem to kite and I-Drag to melt.

This is it! This is easy.

Use Bandit or Lightning to get rid of your support. The key is not to let them build a huge boost by often changing the tracks.

Lava Hound: This victory condition could be difficult to counter.

Assuming you have pushed another way, when the Lava Hound comes to the bridge, use only the princess to get damage on it slowly.

Only if the opponent deposits Loon use I-Drag.

Use Zap and lightning to clean puppies and support.

Hog Decks: The Hog Detes that are found in the meta are mainly Hog Cycle.

Use Dragon or Inferno Goblins they do not have Log to counter the Hog and Ice Golem to block support.

Usually will end in 2-1.

Log Bait: Use Princess and Goblins for the bait and save Zap for Goblin Barrel.

When you try to try to ride a bike or use lighting during overtime.

In addition, will end mainly in 2-1

Siege: Use Ice Golem to block.

Hog / Inferno Dragon to kill.

Explode / use lightning and win!

Cemetery: Goblins / Bandit + Zap to counter the Cemetery. Block of blocks at the bridge with Ice Golem.

Three musketeers: Lightning their pumps.

In Double Elixir, keep spamming so they can not drop their three musks.

Use the princess, the ice golem, the goblins at the counter.


Thank you for reading this long guide of 1200 words. I hope you have succeeded! Watch my YouTube channel Deepshul GaMeR. Clash ON!