[Strategy] Clone Guide

Clone is pretty crappy. Just about everyone agrees on that. I’m a die-hard Clone fan because it’s so fun, but even I would call it weak. However, it’s not as awful as most people think since it has a high skill curve and is so underrepresented. I wanted to discuss some cool tricks to make Clone a more viable card for everyone.

**Good Synergies**

A good Clone deck will be built around Clone, because with so many cards (Knight, Minion Horde, Royal Giant, Sparky, etc.), it is hardly of any use at all. Here are some of the best Clone synergies:

*Shielded Troops -* Guards and the Dark Prince both greatly benefit from Clone. In both cases, the primary benefit is that they are spell-proof. They can’t just Zap or Log your clones away. For Dark Prince, there’s the added benefit of a double charge. Stick a cloned Dark Prince behind a tank, and they will push it very quickly to the tower, and if your opponent drops any sort of ground swarm (up to the health of a Barbarian) on the two, they instantly destroy it without taking damage.

*Troops with Death Effects -* Lumberjack and Giant Skeleton are great with Clone, because the real troop benefits from the clone’s death. In both of these cases, you want to rush the left lane, to insure that any of your opponent’s defenses that are placed in the middle quickly kill the clone. A lot of people have complained that Giant Skeleton + Clone isn’t viable, because the Giant Skeleton never reaches the tower in the first place. A much better strategy is to use the clone’s bomb as cover for your Giant Skeleton to reach the tower. Like Poison, it gives you a few seconds where the opponent does not want to place any defenses. Some other troops with useful death effects are Lava Hound, Night Witch, Golem, and Balloon.

*Troops with Special Abilities -* Anything that is more than just DPS and health will benefit from Clone. For example, Bandit clones are more durable than most and still get a lot of damage out of their one or two hits. Same goes for Prince and Dark Prince. The spawners (Night Witch and Witch) both will add a much more substantial stream of troops in front in a pair.

In general, there are quite a few troops that are viable to clone, but the best ones to use with Clone are the ones that you are ok with your opponent Zapping, namely Dark Prince, Guards, Giant Skeleton, Lumberjack, Lava Hound, and Night Witch.

**Useful Clone Techniques**

*Anti-Kiting -* Many people will try to stop the larger pushes that Clone works best with by distracting it all to the center of the field. An important aspect of Clone is that it resets your troops’ aggros. For example, on the left lane, if you push with Giant Skeleton and they answer with an Inferno Tower, simply Clone him. Now he will have scooted left and will continue walking straight towards the Crown Tower, and his clone will distract the Inferno Tower for a moment, leaving behind a bomb to restrict your opponent’s defensive options. Something similar can be done with Hog Rider. It also works against your opponent when they try things like using Ice Golem to get your troops to switch lanes.

*Freeze Break -* This tech isn’t as useful, since Freeze is so rare, but if you Clone a group of frozen troops, the clones will not be frozen. They will be able to do some stalling for your troops while they thaw. This can be a life-saver against Hog Freeze.

*Force to the Second Crown -* When going for the second crown, you usually are trying to move a troop more horizontally than anything else, so something like Giant Skeleton -> Clone -> Mirror (this is an extreme example, don’t try it except maybe in 2 vs. 2) can be used to force a troop to almost on top of the tower.

As a general rule, if they use Inferno Tower or you have troops with good on-death effects, push the left lane. Otherwise, push the right lane.

**My Deck**

I’ve temporarily left Clash Royale as it isn’t very fun to me since the update, but before the update, I was running this deck at 4400 trophies. I put how many levels higher than tournament standards each card is in parenthesis.

* Giant Skeleton (Main Tank and Path Clearer) (+1)
* Dark Prince (Swarm Control and Push Speeder) (+1)
* Elixir Collector (Poison Bait and Good Investment) (+1)
* Ice Spirit (Anti-Valkyrie/Swarms and Cycle) (+2)
* Bandit (Tower Finisher and Decent DPS) (+1)
* Bats (Defense and Zap Bait) (+1)
* Fire Spirits (Air Defense and Cycle) (+2)
* Clone (See Above) (+1)

I just wanted to throw this out there since I saw so little strategy posts recently. Please let me know any Clone decks you love.

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