Raging Mega Hog – Amazing Off-meta Deck

Hello, I'm Ic3Box and this is my first flag posted officially. I have been playing this game for many years and I have never spent money for gems, gold, and so on. I've tried to keep me clean and see where I can get hold of.

Playing with the Mega Knight in the Challenge and unlocking the legendary chest to 9 wins has been awesome. Personally, I consider this card as an "OP", if played correctly.

After unlocking, I found myself looking for an online bridge, but those that I found were not the best. So I started creating my own, until I found the best combination of cards.

Raging Mega Hog Deck

Clash Royale Mega Knight "Raging Mega Hog - Amazing Off-meta Deck Card roles

Mega Knight

Raging Mega Hog - Amazing Off-meta Deck Gameplan :

Your style of play with this game will be based on counterattacks.

Be first defensive. Start by putting a musketeer or a magician on the main tower. Wait for the opponent to make a move, push, then defend it. Then continue with a back pressure, using the Hog jumper.

Alternatively, while the opponent is trying to make a push, force him to defend or enjoy his playing style by placing a pig rider on the other lane.

Use the cards as described.

A game for me is usually like this:

I place the magician / musketeer behind the main tower, going for the left lane. In this way, I will not let the Elixir drive more than it stored.

After placing his cards for the thrust, identify them and then find their counter-card in your deck. There is a counter card in this bridge for 99% of each card possible.

He still has not placed anything, I place a tank card in front of the magician / musketeer and I will make a small push, which forces him to defend yourself and you against -attack.

After that, according to the cards with which he pushes, I defend my Tower then I launch for a counter-attack, using the Hog Rider + a tank for him (Lumberjack / Mega Knight), according to 39 Elixir that I have.

I take a crown, then defend my tricks. As far as possible, if possible, I make another attack on the other Tour, not the main one. It depends if the opponent is low on Elixir after the push on me.

I also like to place a Hog on the other path that it pushes me but not before placing my defending cards. In this way, I oblige him to spend an Elixir to defend him and reducing his forces.


Golem: Golem Clock Royale "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/> Golem:

The Lumberjack + Wizard can remove this one quite quickly with slight damage on the Tower. The skeletal army can be used too, but when it explodes, they will be killed. In addition, the Minions can also help you.


Clash Royal Balloon "width =" 54 "height =" 65 "/>

As I said, the Mousketeer + Wizard can make it fall very quickly. If you are low on Elixir, you can use the Minions, or the Minions + Musketeer / Wizard.

Inferno Tower / Dragon : Hard matchup.

Raging Mega Hog - Amazing Off-meta Deck Strengths and weaknesses


  • Can be used in defensive or offensive.
  • Can get 3 crowns pretty quickly.
  • Some cards may be replaced by your needs. Just play and see what should be in the deck in order to make it better FOR YOU!

Works well against aggressive trays on the ground, bridges that have Elite Barbarians. They may be thwarted by Mega Knight, Skeleton Army or even Wizard. In addition, the Musketeer + Mage combo can reduce a Baloon very quickly. In addition, this bridge can beat the bridges that also have Mega Knights.


  • The bridge is not very cheap on Elixir and needs a very good timing. You must practice when it is better to let a Tower take damage except Elixir then press their turn, rather than spending Elixir on a defensive card.
  • Inferno Towers or Inferno Dragons can end up mega knight fast enough.

If you want to add a Zap instead of Clone, or even an Electro Wizzard, go for it!

I have found that the Sparky bridges can be a bit boring. Just redirect the Sparky to another unit, like the Lumberjack, while a magician or a musketeer destroys it!

    • If you do not have a card for this build, try to find a replacement for it. So, let 's say you do not have a logger. Have you tried to use only the fate of rabies? Or maybe a knight? Try to find the best replacement!
    • Replace some cards to suit your needs and general style of play, if necessary.
    • You may try to start a push first, but you will probably end up with the destroyed Tower after the enemy counterattacks you.

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