New ‘Modern Royale’ Challenge

**Build your deck using only cards released after Clash Royale’s Global launch in March 2016! 3 losses and you’re out.**

Guaranteed Prize at 0 wins – **130 gold, 2 cards**
Top Prize at 6 wins – **600 gold, 25 cards**

>2 wins – 2016 gold.
>3 wins – 2 gems.
>4 wins – 2017 gold.
>5 wins – 2 gems.
>6 wins – 2018 gold.

Cards available:

>Fire Spirits.
>Skeleton Barrel.
>Elite Barbarians.
>Royal Giant.
>Ice Spirit.
>Goblin Gang.

>Battle Ram.
>Mega Minion.
>Three Musketeers.
>Ice Golem.
>Flying Machine.
>Dart Goblin.
>Heal Spell.

>Dark Prince.
>Cannon Cart.

>Inferno Dragon.
>Lava Hound.
>Ice Wizard.
>The Log.
>Electro Wizard.
>Night Witch.
>Mega Knight.
>Royal Ghost?

**Important Points**
>The only building is Furnace.
>The only spells are Heal, Clone, Poison, Log, Graveyard and Tornado.
>The only flying units are Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, Flying Machine and Bats.
>The only building-targeting units are Battle Ram, Ice Golem, Lava Hound and Royal Giant.

I want to ask what cards do you feel will be overpowering without their direct counters and what compositions do you feel will dominate this challenge?

I personally feel like Three Musketeers with Heal will dominate without fireball, rocket or lightning available as poison is the only available heavy spell and it is DoT. This could lead to the use of the old Three Musketeers/Battle Ram bridge spam.
P.S. This is my first big post and I’m a little unsure of the editing – help would be appreciated.

P.P.S How do you do bullet points?
Edit 1: Formatting
Edit 2: Forgot some spells

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