New Lava Clone Deck – Anti-meta platform, surprising and devastating!

Wassup guys, Norbysweg here, coming to you today with a new game, as well as a new guide!

Since the P.E.K.K.A and Mega Knight bridges dominate, I decided to go for counter countertops – Air! Lavaloon is not really my style, so I decided to go back baby! Today I share this Lavaloon set that I tested for last week, recover good results in Gamebattles and got the second in a $ 20 tournament!

If you play in a stand where you know who you are facing, you can catch them easily with the surprise clone! This is just endless possibilities with this bridge!

Lava Clone is back!

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Distribution of maps

Lava Hound – Your main tanker! New Lava Clone Deck - Anti-meta platform, surprising and devastating! General game plan

Obtaining the tombstone

With this platform, like any other Lava Hound platform, this tombstone must first be removed. It offers a very good value when pushing, especially when coupled with Bandit.

Think of yourself this way: you have a Lava Bandit thrust, with the Tombstone behind. He places a Bandit to defend yours, but he throws himself on a skeleton! Our Bandit survives with Half HP and launches on the Tower!

Configuring thrust

With Lava Hound, the tank at the rear is not a bad move! I do it mostly at the beginning of the game, so I discover its counters.

Tip: Do not clone at first, only if it manifests itself or you have an excellent opportunity!

Think of it this way, you attack with Lava Hound, you place a Mega Minion for support, and barely do it for the Clone. He just places a Minion Horde inside and you rekt! 13 Elixir for 5! The worst scenario, he could get rid of the Mega Minions with Ice Golem and Minion Horde after! Not only is he 13 for 7, but he runs into the Horde!

Essentially, the Clone is the bridge's surprise factor! You should play it in the best possible scenario, but we'll talk about it a little bit.

If you make a Hound thrust in the back, and it goes in front, your best bet is the gravestone you placed earlier!

After that, your best bet is to support the Lava Hound with the Mega Minion, the best Lava Hound support. He deals with glass cannons, executioners, minions, gangs of goblins and whatever you want!

If you are helping with Minions or Bandit, they can be easily suppressed. Knight can very easily counter Bandit, and a Mega Minion can counter Minions and start chipping the Hound!

When and how to clone

Tip: you must always clone the shadow of the flying troops

  • The clone must be used when you take a turn, and your opponent does not respond to the remaining pressure. I had 3 crowns several times when there were Lava puppies and a Bandit left, cloned and boomed. You can also use the Miner to remove the remains, depending on your opponent's hand. (For example, if he has a hangman in hand, you will probably go to Miner to distract him and kill him. If he has something like Mega Minion, he 's better Clone, so it' s better If you 're in Double Elixir, it' s very risky for Miner & Clone, so it 'sa kind of double tanking … Very very very risky!
  • The Clone should be used to be attacked after the Tower focuses on the regular Hound! ALWAYS MAKE THIS, CLON CHANGE WOULD NOT BE INSTANTLY
  • The clone is very useful in Double Elixir, but it can be used effectively in 1x also, make sure you know your opponent's counters (eg, do not clone when they have Ice Golem, E-wiz, Poison and Zap You should clone in the best case.
  • If they have a hard enough counter, try to falsify a Lava Hound thrust on one side, and make sure they spend more than you. So they do, push the other way with Miner Bandit Minions Clone and what you have. That might be fine, because that is your only chance.

Processing of hard counters

When I talk about hardcounters, I concentrate mainly on Clone, and Lava Hound Counters. Essentially, we understood both.

The worst disadvantages can be tormentors, Poison, Tornado, Ice Golem.

The executor is the most valuable against the puppies, being able to get them out instantly.

The poison destroys Clone completely, as well as Tornado, while dragging everything.

Essentially, Bandit and Miner are the ones that make this bridge less weaker than the above. Bandit quickly shoots and quickly kills any troop of air splashes like Exe, while coupling very well with Clone (Two Insta-Kill Bandits almost all Air Defense Glass Cannon, for example Musqueote, E- Wiz, etc.)

Miner is just there to kill the air counters in a quick push, and break the puppies beautifully. He can send back an executioner, he can kill the archers, the egoism, the musketeers and all this business.

If you notice that he places his counters in front of the Tower, you can go with Bandit.

Baiting out the counters

A good strategy that has paid several times is that I go with a Mega Minion one side, and place something like Minions or Bandit quickly, as if I was biking for my Hound to place it at bridge!

Once they give up the executor, wizard, bomb tower, whatever it is, make you squeeze the other way with Lava Hound and try to get back to one of your air supports, be aware that you have to use the clone in this push because this is the only time you have applauded their meter!


  • Bandit – Mini P.E.K.K.A – I like Bandit more because it is cheaper and has dashboard mechanics that synergizes better with the Clone! You can use the Mini P of you do not, but always use Bandit in any other situation
  • Minions – Archers – Minions are better with Clone, but Archers can be used if you have them higher or like them more!
  • Mega Minion – Dragon of Inferno – Not very recommended
  • Minions – Bats – They are very vulnerable to Zap, so I would not really recommend it.

Word of end

Soooo, that was it guys! I hope you enjoyed my special guide because it took a long time to write and think, I was fairly new with Clone when I made the bridge! I hope you can effectively use these tips and see you in the next!

Norbysweg out!

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