New Card Ideas and Rarities Updated [Idea]

I’ve thought of some cards that would make great additions to clash royale. Considering as well as new rarities that can bring new content to clash royale. I’m wondering if they will be new additions to Clash Royale?

My rarity ideas are:

* **SPECIAL** rarer than epic but easier to obtain than legendaries (note: this card type will be there for limited time during certain occasions)
(Ex. Vampire Bats can be obtained from Oct.1 through Nov. 1) Once unlocked they can be obtained in chests or can appear in the shop offer containing the **SPECIAL CHEST** (which gains access to any special card of any occasion or arena), which can also be found in the chest cycle and being rarer than the MAGICAL CHEST. **Special Card Tournament Standard Level: 3**, **Special Card Max Level: 7**

* **MYTHICAL** rarest card rarity and can be found in a MYTHICAL CHEST as well in other chests, which can also be found in the chest cycle and being rarer than a SUPER MAGICAL CHEST. Also, this card type can’t be found in the shop. **Mythical Card Tournament Standard Level: 1**, **Mythical Card Max Level:

My card ideas are:

* [**THE HORNET**]( (Rarity: Legendary)
* [**VAMPIRE BATS**]( (Rarity: Special)
* [**WASPS**]( (Rarity: Epic)
* [**WASP NEST**]( (Rarity: Legendary)
* [**LOST COMMANDER**]( (Rarity: Legendary)
* [**ANCIENT TOTEM**]( (Rarity: Legendary)
* [**ANCIENT CURSE**]( (Rarity: Epic)
* [**CHICKENS**]( (Rarity: Common)
* [**DRACO DEATH CANNON**]( (Rarity: Legendary)
* [**SUICIDE BOMBER**]( (Rarity: Special)
* [**DRACO**]( (Rarity: Mythical)
* [**FIERY ROOSTER**]( (Rarity: Mythical)
* [**A.R.M.**]( (Rarity: Epic)

> Note: some card stats still underdevelopment as well as other content

To see stats on my card creations’ stats check my twitter profile

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