New Card Ideas 11/22/17


While these exact cards don’t need to be added, I think that their mechanics are pretty interesting and should be explored for future updates. These aren’t perfect ideas, but I do think that these ideas or something like them could add something positive to the game. I’m not going to include every stat either, because I just want to put these ideas out here for inspiration. Ideas similar to these might exist, but I don’t know, so if you’ve seen one like these before, I guess they’re just popular ideas🤷‍♂️


Elixir Cost: 4

Damage: same as the Ice Golem

Health: a little higher than the Ice Golem

Death Damage: a little higher than Ice Golem

Range: melee

Targets: single building

The Fire Golem would be a slow moving, defense targeting ground unit that would have an aura around it that deals damage to enemy units that are close to it (the aura would act like a poison spell that surrounds the Fire Golem and deals damage to enemies). Upon death, it would burst into a ring of fire dealing small area damage to enemies.

(I know this is already an idea that the team had, but I think it is a great idea that could fit into the game, so here’s my take on it)

Elixir Cost: 8

Health: Similar to a Bowler

Damage: Similar to Royal Giant

Range: melee

Targets: single unit

The elixir monster would be a ground troop and would act like a normal troop, but when it dies, it would split into 2 smaller monsters similar to Golemites, with near the same damage and health, but after about 6 seconds, would regrow back into Elixir Monsters, which could each keep splitting into more Monsters as the battle went on.


Elixir Cost: 2

Damage: none

Radius: 1.5 tiles (3 tiles wide total)

Duration: 2.5 seconds

The Blizzard Spell would be an interesting alternative for cheap spells, as it wouldn’t do damage to units but slow down units in an area (like the Ice Wizard) for a few seconds. This would slow enemy pushes and give your troops more time to defend, and would be very cheap.


Elixir Cost: 4

Health: more than the Inferno Dragon

Damage: less than baby dragon in smaller area of splash damage

Range: same as Baby Dragon

Targets: Multiple units(splash unit)

Charge Time: 3 seconds

Freeze Time: 1 seconds

The Ice Dragon would be an air troop and breathe a beam(Similar to Inferno Dragon) of Ice, which wouldn’t deal lots of damage but would, over time, slow enemies down and once it’s fully charged would blast his beam at enemies and freeze them. After the Ice Dragon freezes the enemies, it wouldn’t restart its charge until the units were unfrozen. Its area of splash damage would be very small, like only 2 tiles thick, but would freeze units in that area. Every 1 second while it was charging, it would slow units exponentially until it freezes the enemy units, which would do an extra 100-200 damage or so.

(Again, I know the team has already said that they are thinking of an idea similar to this, but this is my take on it)

Elixir Cost: 3

Health: same as fire spirit(two shots by Tower)

Damage: similar to Spear Goblin

Range: melee

Targets: one unit

The Jungle Warrior would be a ground troop and have medium speed, and every 3 seconds or so, would create a copy of itself with full health(similar to a cloned copy but with the original health of the card). These new copies and the original could then keep splitting into more copies, increasing exponentially, but could never have more than 64 on the field at once. The Jungle Warrior would look like a walking bush with blue eyes and blue feathers on its top(these would be red if they’re enemy Jungle Warriors) and would carry a small knife.


Instead of becoming a cannon upon death, the card could be a permanent troop with more health than it currently has, a little less damage than it currently has, and could distract defense targeting units as a troop (it would be a portable building basically)

•These aren’t new cards, but I think a nerf to tornado’s radius and a buff to Bowler and/or nerf to Executioner could be nice.

If this ever gets to the Clash Royale team, thank you for reading this and keep working hard. Hopefully these ideas could be viable in future updates and could have a positive impact to the game.

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