New Card: Fire Performer

New Card: Fire Performer
(Fire Performer Level 1)

Rarity: Epic
Elixir Cost: 5
Damage: 205
Hitpoints: 1050
Charge Damage: 410
Death Damage: 160
Hitspeed: 1.2 Seconds
Targets: Ground
Deploy Time: 1 Second
Portrait Picture: He’d have black hair, and has a skin tone of light tan, like the average kind of skin tone a tropical native would have. But you could see him wearing no shirt of any kind, but he is wearing surfer shorts though, made out of material that is from the tropics, like smoothed leaves or polyester. If you look at his profile picture, he also has blue or black eyes, he is facing to the left of the card, and he is either smirking at the camera or he has his mouth open and smiling.
Unlockable starting in: Tropical Arena. If you like to see more information about this new arena that I am suggesting to Supercell, you can visit the following link below!

New Arena: Tropical Arena from ClashRoyale

This card is very useful because every third hit he attacks, it deals double damage, and area damage to something or someone he is attacking too! Once he finishes his third strike, the combo resets, so he has to hit two more times before he can deal extra damage and area damage again, so the combo is renewable. Also, if you kill him, he drops his long stick which was lit on fire on both of its ends, and it deals Death Damage to both ground and air units!

Sound Effects:

When Spawned: Flaming Fury! Fire! Roasted! Feel the Burn!

When Attacking: Haah! Ke-Ha!

When attacking with his finishing combo hit: Kai-Kai-Kai-Kai-HAI!

Animation: When you spawn him, he twirls his flaming stick around lightning fast, and it’s so fast you can see the streaks and swirls of flame from his stick when he spawns. When he attacks, he twirls his stick very fast, and that’s how he hits something or someone. But if he is attacking on the third attack, he twirls his stick lightning faster than ever, jumps in the air, holding his stick over his head, and slams the ground units with extra damage. When he gets killed, the stick could be flung in the air, spinning rapidly before slamming back down to the ground, staying there for a few seconds.

Anyways, this card is also useful for dealing with troops that have medium or a moderate amount or number of Hitpoints, such as the Bowler or Bandit. You can even use him for just attacking large swarms, even though his first and second attack will only attack one enemy at a time, but he could make it! If you want to find me on Clash Royale, the name is “DMCsupergamer” and I am on the clan “springview”. Hopefully Supercell will take consideration of this card idea, and hopefully you viewers would agree! Thanks again!

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