Need help with deck building fundamentals

Hello Reddit, today I am going to ask, what makes a good deck in clash royale?

TL;DR: I have been using the same deck for 5-6 months, need a bit of help on how to make a deck so I can play with new cards/strategies

I like many others are trying the 20 win challenge but I came across a problem I’ve been ignoring for months, making and playing new decks. You see, I’ve been using the same deck for around about 5-6 months, for the simple fact that it works. (Battle ram, Executioner, miner, dart goblin, tombstone, the log, skeletons, and the miner) I am level 10, ~3200 cups

Now obviously when I played special card challenges, I would be forced to use a certain card, but I would just swap it out for one in my main deck.

Also, over most of the summer and a bit before that, I saved up ~120,000 gold and bought electro wizard, graveyard, and night witch. All of which I tried out with decks I made, and kept losing over and over, and I eventually had to use my main deck so I wouldn’t drop arenas. I try other decks too, put together cards I think would work together, and I get absolutely inhialated.

I’ve heard of things like a ‘win condition.’ Why do I need one? Isn’t almost every card a win condition because they can do damage to a tower? Thanks for any help 🙂

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