My Thoughts on Balance Changes


I am someone who plays this game competitively and I also have high hopes that Clash Royale will become a major mobile eSport, but before this can happen I think Supercell must take balance changes more seriously by doing them more frequently and takes the community’s input more seriously when doing so. With all that said, here are some of the balance changes I hope to see coming in the next update:

* A return to the lightning spell’s previous radius.

Explanation: The nerf to lightning was unexpected and has hit it extremely hard due to it making it very difficult to get value with it. This combined with poison becoming a very dominant spell has led me to think that lightning will need this previous radius to keep other spells in check, no matter how annoying hog lightning is.

* A buff to Elite Barbarians and Royal Giant (but not until they can fix overleveling).

Explanation; Not much to explain here because it’s been said a million times, these two cards are extremely notorious for being the so called “cancer” of ladder but absolute garbage in competitive play. The royal giant meta and elite barbarian meta were actually some of my favorites so I wouldn’t mind seeing them brought back to some of their former glory.

* A buff to Flying Machine.

Explanation: Everyone knows that flying machine just isn’t where it needs to be in order to be viable in competitive play. This is most likely due to supercell’s attempts to stop releasing very overpowered cards which I can respect, but it’s time to show the flying machine some love like they did to cannon cart.

* A buff to skeleton barrel.

Explanation: Very similar to flying machine. I would suggest adding some sort of impact damage or a full surround on tower. Skeleton barrel has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it go to waste.

* A nerf to goblin barrel.

Explanation: This card is very much on the urge of being overpowered if not already past it so a slight tone down would be nice to see in order to keep logbait in check after the recent buffs to goblin gang. I also believe rocket provides too much value and it contributes to log bait becoming such a popular deck but believe it’s better to start with goblin barrel in order to address the deck archetype much more directly.

Note. There are tons of cards that I could’ve mentioned such as bomb tower, bomber, valkyrie, witch, wizard, etc. but in order to keep this somewhat short and not to beat too many dead horses I wanted to only address the more important issues in my eyes.

Thank you for reading and feel free to follow me on Twitter @Jaronxyz. If you have any balance changes you’d like to see supercell implement feel free to discuss them below. Clash on!

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