mortar tesla guide (pb 4276)

Hello I am Paul, I have been playing Clash royale for around 7 months now. I have always been a huge fan of siege because of the feeling you get when your x-bow/ mortar locks on the tower. I would like to share my deck that got me from 3200 to 4000.


Mortar: your win-condition in this deck.
I personally use the mortar after I defended a push. The remaining troops make it easy to defend your mortar and get a elixer advantage.

Tesla: the tesla is right now one of the best defences in the game. I mainly use it to counter hog rider but is does also a really good job against giant/golem/lavahound

fireball is imo the best mid-damage spell. It can get a lot of value. I mainly use it when my opponent use a wizard/witch/musketeer behind te king tower. By doing this you get free damage on their tower.

Guards: for a long time i used goblins instead of guards but since the recent balance changes guards are really strong. You can counter Knights/ebarbs/giants/ and even golems really easy with guards but if you dont have them leveled up, goblins do just as good as a job as guards.

archers: they are the key air defence in the majority of the ladder decks. They are really strong leveled up. Really great support card for your mortar.

Log: The log is really strong defending your mortar if your opponent drops for example: goblin gang/skarmy and you will get a positive elixer trade and get free damage on their tower.
You see still a lot of log bait so the log is key in those matchups

arrows: your spell for skill horde/ minions/bats/lava pups

knight: The knights is arguably the best defensive card in the game. For 3 elixer it gives so much value: defending ebarbs/giants/gy/wizards. He has a lot of hp so when you defended a push he can still do a good job tanking for your mortar.

1st minute: in the 1st minute you need to get to know your opponents deck. I advise passively splitting your archers or guards in the back.
When you defended the first push you can counter with the mortar. This push may fail because your opponent has a hard counter that you havent seen in the first minute.

2nd minute: you probably know the opponent’s decks right know and you can for example start playing predictive tesla’s in front of your mortar.

last minute: This is the time to just spam mortars and make your opponent crazy.

So this was the end of my guide, I hope you’re going to have a great time with my deck!

(ps. this was my first deck so it isn’t really professional yet)

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