Lag “Glitches” and all that jazz…

LONG POST WARNING – I split it into sections for your convenience but it’s still kinda long. Sit down with a hot chocolate and some marshmallows maybe. See you at the other end.

Ok so I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about lag, drag glitches and just generally blaming Supercell, saying that it’s their fault for having a buggy game. Now sure there’s always the chance that this is their fault and that they messed something up but I’m slightly sceptical about this and I want to spell out my argument here. I’m also going to counter a lot of the points I’ve seen people making because I believe they are mostly just flawed.

I strongly suspect that the only issue people are having is with their own Internet connection; Supercell has nothing to do with this. People have been lagging (and getting frustrated with it) ever since they started playing online games. It’s not a new thing and it’s not unique to Clash Royale. Maybe if I had never seen it before in any other games I’d be more surprised by lag in this game but I have and so I’m not.

“But it’s only been since the last update. Supercell must have messed their game up.”

People have said this after most updates and changes. For some reason no one can ever contemplate the idea of a coincidence which is precisely what I think this is.

Lag is rare. If you had lagged in every game you played you would have stopped playing it after long enough I assume. But because you never lagged before you had fun and so you kept playing. The longer you play for the higher the chances that you will eventually experience lag. Maybe your wifi router’s having a bad day. If you play for long enough it’s bound to happen at some point. If this random occurrence was just after a game update then people are likely to jump to conclusions and blame the update for their lag when in reality we have no way of knowing what the real cause was.

“But other people have had the same problem.”

Yes a lot of people have suffered from lag. There a lot of people who play this game. I’d be more surprised if you were the only one to experience lag. The problem is that you are basing this fact off your observation that other people are posting on reddit about their lag and how it lost them their games at 3999 trophies or 11-2 grand challenge games. The people you don’t hear from are the thousands of players who have no issues at all. Because who posts on reddit to say “Yep just played another game and nothing was out of the ordinary at all.” This can give you a warped sense of what proportion of the community is having the same problem and of how common the “bug” is.

“But I have great Internet usually. It’s just this game that has an issue.”

Ok point taken but how many other real time games do you play on your phone? If you play on a computer then chances are you don’t use a wireless connection to play games. Wifi is inherently less reliable than a wired connection. Especially when it comes to packet loss which is a momentary random thing that can occur and causes issues surprisingly similar to what people have been moaning about. If you place a card at the exact moment you get packet loss, not the most unfeasible thing, then the card will not place because the SC servers will never have received a signal from you phone because that’s what packet loss means.

So that’s all I can think of so far. If I missed anything obvious add it below and I’ll get back with my thoughts.

Edit: I’m glad people have interesting points as opposed to the usual whining. I’d like to point out I’m very willing to be wrong on this. I just want to play devil’s advocate because that seems more helpful than not questioning this whole issue.

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