I’m kind of frustrated…

I got Sparky on a legendary chest and month and I was like… eh and this month I got 3 princess from 2 Magical Chests and a Golden Chest.
I’m a regular F2P player. I know I should be grateful since the princess is a good card but come on.. this is a big deal to me since I’m only on jungle arena. My heart feels bitter right now.. I wanted the log and got the least legendary that I wanted (≖︿≖ )

I have another issue. This doesn’t happen all the time and it feels like some sort of pool. It’s when every time I play 2v2 I usually get paired up with an idiotic teammate for like 2-10 games. I know what you’re thinking: you’re probably the idiot, not the teammate and guess what? Wrong. My teammate is either having a bad internet, not fully awake, doesnt care, or just borrowed the phone to someone who doesn’t even play clash royale and thus, a loss is guaranteed. Fireballing and rocketing a Kings tower? Spawning skeleton army out of nowhere? Spawning troops without even thinking? Good idea? No.

Sometimes when you just started a 2v2, your teammate doesn’t even play. It’s as if the player is lagging so much or clicked 2v2 and left in the middle of the loading screen. Why even bother playing when there’s a lag? And what’s the most irritating of all? It’s when your teammate stops playing or responding just because the opponent is winning or when the game is not going what he wanted. Like for example, he stops responding or leaves when our tower is at low health or when there’s too many enemy troops. Damn really LOL how can you even succeed at life if you give up easily? Just because there’s a tough situation doesn’t mean we’re losing ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

As for 1v1.. it is rigged. There’s a losing streak and winning streak or normal streaks. When you’re on a losing streak, that means you need to change your deck or stop playing for a while. It’s kind of irritating sometimes but it’s fine I guess. Probably a system to prevent you from climbing too fast ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m only letting out my frustrations. I also wanted to see your opinion if this is relatable or not because this game feels like it likes to troll me :/

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