Ideas for Clash Royale

I have some very interesting ideas that can be implemented into the game. Here’s a list:

• The Cave (Rare Rarity) – It’s the tombstone concept except with bats (and shaped like a cave, spooky…), 3 Elixir
• Bat Colony (Epic Rarity) – Skeleton Army, except it’s bats, 4 Elixir
• Wizard Tower (Rare Rarity) – Same as Clash of Clans’ tower, 6 Elixir
• Ninja (Common Rarity) – Very stealthy, very fast runner. Hits fast, deals small dps
[Level 1]
Cost: 3 Elixir
Speed – Very fast
Hit speed – 0.9 sec
Damage – 50
Damage/sec – 56
Health – 357
Range: Melee
Targets: Ground

Hopefully, the Clash Royale dev takes a look at these concepts and play around with them to make a new card.

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