[Idea]Clash Royale Huge Update Ideas and Analysis w/ Pictures! (9 Cards + Balance Changes)

This may look like a lot.. And it is.. To summarize, view the links below. Below is more in depth about my ideas. Thank you!

**LINK FOR PICTURE** https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/7l6fiw/clash_royale_update_ideas_link_placeholder_not/


Close Up of Cards for Other post (Link) from ClashRoyale

Clash Royale has gone through alot over the years, I feel there are some problems that must be fixed in the game. Examples being some cards that must be balances, and some ideas which must be implemented to make the finest situation out of this game.

1 thing for sure should be the Tournaments. Let’s face it, they have been DEAD for a while. Supercell pushed a minor problem out of the way in October, but that doesn’t really fix anything. I say, they should go with the Smash Bros. method.
Being, 2 modes of play for tournaments. Bracket Play, and Normal Tournaments. I feel Bracket should be paid for with gems, but that would also put some rewards on the table as a result. The rewards would work in a choosing way. You can pay as many gems as you want but there are a certain amount of gems that should be deposited per chest. (Ex: 10 Gems – Silver, 20 Gems – Golden, 100 Gems – Giant, 250 Gems – Lightning, 500 Gems – Fortune/Magical/Legendary, 2000 Gems – SMC, 5000 Gems – LKC) Furthermore, I feel that the ‘Standard’ Tournaments should be buffed slightly with the chests, and the gem costs should be lowered.

Let’s face it, Clans are sort of boring. There is Clan Chest, but that’s just about it. Clan War is a huge and running success in COC, so why shouldn’t they implement the idea here? It can work more or less the same – the Clan Leader/Co chooses 10-50 clanmates to participate in a ‘war’ against a relatively equal clan. I know what you are asking, though. In Clash of Clans, you can attack all 24 hours, but here you have to be in it at a time when they are! My response to that is a totally new system. You can begin Clan War at any time! The Clan Leader may put up a button in the clan chat that says ‘Clan War’. When pressed, this will send a request to join Clan war. The Clan Leader then chooses to accept or deny (If the Clan Leader goes off so does the button.) the person. Then when there are 5 or more people waiting for war, the Leader activated another button where the number of clanmates each fight another clan waiting to fight that is relatively equal (Ladder levels.) Each of them play 2 matches against their rival, and it goes onto a final record. The Winning clan then gets Clan Points to Level Up their clan. I haven’t exactly devised a system for this yet, but you can let your brain go wild!


Oh boy, I can reeealy see the comments from here. So just please sit down and listen to what i’m saying, and no I haven’t come up with a solution for overleveled 4000+ cards, (hoping to soon)

**Ice Spirit – Jump time slower**
Ice Spirit has been pretty prominent since it has been released. The value for this tiny catastrophe is absurd. I actually think that if Freeze was 1 Elixir also, Ice Spirit would be used more. It’s Health is good at this point, a nerf would ruin it. It’s damage is perfect, but I feel like the Jump is way too fast. perhaps it should be slowed down by 2x, to give the opponent more inferno time, or something along the lines. I think this can cause a number on Bait decks due to the slower Ice Spirit affected cycle and whatnot.

**Zappies – 0.2sec Hitspeed decrease(to 1.4sec)**
It’s not that *Zappies* are bottom barrel, I just feel that they weren’t used to the finest potential. These slow, low health, trio don’t really have alot coming for them. The stun mechanic I think is beautiful in these guys, really make them unique, but the hitspeed, UGH! Yeah, I know, *technically* with the stun its 1.1sec, but that’s not taking a swarm/multiple troops in account. They really are struggling in todays meta. This Buff can help them succeed. I can see this in more Control or Beatdown with this buff. And boy, I’m lucky if I spot one on ladder! (Unless it’s Spawners. **** Spawners, man.)

**Archers – 0.1sec hitspeed decrease (to 1.3)**
Alright, alright, lower your pitchforks. I can explain. First off, this isn’t such a nerf. It’s 0.1sec. Mainly because of the value they can put in. I feel it should be lowered *SLIGHTLY*. When used properly with Siege, this is DEADLY. They can easily pick away almost any air unit when used with Ice Spirit/Zap. I just feel like the Minion Horde should have more time to survive. I don’t think this will affect any meta, being archers have barely any offensive value already, but they are POWERHOUSES on defense.

**Flying Machine – Range increased by 0.5sec(to 6.5), Health Increased by 4%(to 532), Damage decreased by 8%(to 132)**

This Buff/Nerf I think will mainly help the *Flying Machine* fly its way back into relevance. The *Flying Machine* has 0 to no value in Ladder or Tournaments due to the fact that it can –
A. Be one-shotted by *Fireball*
B. Lacking notable Damage
C. Range is good, just good.
The fact is, supercell made the *Flying Machine’s* ‘Gimmick’, it’s incredible range, but its just good. This Range buff can push it into usage % more due to sniping ability, and more safety against troops. I’m also proposing a slight hp buff to differentiate it from the *Dart Goblin* and to get another hit from the Arena Towers. Some people may feel this is a bit TOO much, and I sort of agree. Therefore, the damage should be decreased slightly. I feel this will help with Beatdown/Control but also can damage Siege.

**Hog Rider – Hitspeed decreased by 0.1sec(to 1.7sec)**

Okay, please, put down your pitchforks! I know the *Hog Rider* was nerfed last season, and yes I don’t think it’s the best card in the game. But to be honest, the meta needs a BREAK from him. The Usage rate as of now is roughly 30% on Stats Royale! That means, every 3-4 Games you’ll see him. This extremely slight nerf I feel can help keep the *Hog Rider* in check. I don’t think this will really affect *Hog Rider’s* Usage that much, but best to lower it and introduce something else.

**Wizard – Hitspeed Increased by 0.2sec (to 1.2sec), Health increased by 2% (to 609)**
The *Wizard* is pretty underpowered in the higher arenas. I barely see him ever in A12, maybe every 4 beatdown decks. This buff won’t do much but increase his dps slightly, to maybe match him with the *Executioner*, *El Primo* and *Assassin*, other then that he’ll make a better tank-killer. The HP buff will make him survive another hit from the arena tower just to make him more prominent. I feel this will encourage more creative play and experimental discovery. With this I can see the return of the ‘P.E.K.K.A + Wizard’ combo, and probably will nudge Beatdown a little higher up.

**Baby Dragon – Health increased by 6%(to 1127)**
You have to give it to Supercell. They managed to make a tanky flying splash unit not overpowered.. At the same time it is slightly underpowered.. I have been using the classic Golem + Night Witch combo for quite a while already, an as played on and on I realized there were much better alternatives then the Baby Dragon. I eventually switched him out for his Infernal Brother, which offered way more value. Something just feels.. Lacky about the Dragon.. Increasing the Damage might make him overpowered, but the health for this little guy feels a bit off. It easily gets incinerated by Wizards and Minions alike! I feel that Minions and Minion Horde have become an actual hard counter to the Dragon! And, no, it isn’t like a Skarmy to a Witch/Exe, it feels really lackluster. This Slight health-boost can make it take out those minions no-problem, and also have it compete with the wizard buff! This will probably influence Beatdown and be a useful defensive tool.

**Tornado – Pull level lowered**
Have you ever had your balloon slowly parade over to the enemy.. But then, the tornado comes. Along with the Ice Spirit, and before you know it, its dead. There are many other countless examples that make the Tornado too powerful. My Idea is for Light troops, the pull remains the same as it is now. For Medium troops, the pull is slightly nerfed to the point where barbarians shave off 0.2sec of racing back to the tower, but Heavy troops will barely be affected, rather frozen in position then pushed back.

**Lava Hound – Lava Pups health increased 8%(193), Lava Pups begin attacking faster**
Okay, I’m guilty. I have a sorta high level zap, and Lava Hounds are kinda a joke to me. When they pop, i just get rid of them, and that really ruins the purpose of the *Lava Hound*. My solution is the Health should be increased by a good amount making the Pups worthy adversaries. Arrows can still kill them, but Zap no longer can do it. They should also begin attacking quicker, for pretty self-explanatory reasons.

There you have it, the balance changes. Now to get into my ideas.

**Elixir Drones** –
Common –
2 Elixir –
Loggable Health –
Ground + Air Single Target –
Lava Hound damage. –
Pre-Buff Zappies Hitspeed –
Medium Speed –
Count x3 –

“Each of these tiny drones hold a dark heart of elixir.. Watch out! Don’t break ’em, they can each drop 1 Elixir!”

**Hatchlings** –
Common –
4 Elixir –
Zappies Health –
Ground + Air Splash –
Spear Goblin Damage –
Minion Hitspeed –
Very Fast Speed –
Count x3 –
“These cute babies hatched right from the egg! They roast excellent marshmallows!” –

**Assassin** –
Rare Card –
5 Elixir –
Night Witch Health –
Ground + Air Single –
Musketeer Damage (Knockback) –
Bomber Hitspeed –
Medium Speed –
“The Assassin specifically takes orders on who to defeat.. Has everyone on her bucket list, from hog riders, to mini P.E.K.K.A’s, to Cannons, to Arena Towers!”
(When the Assassin is placed you have a small drop down on the side explaining what targets the assassin can target. You may press one and the Assassin will go after – – and may even change lanes to find them!)

**Bomb Cart** –
Rare Card –
3 Elixir –
Pre-Buff Flying Machine Health –
Pekka Swing Damage –
Fast Speed –
“The Cart is loaded with all sorts of cool explosives! Has a tendency to explode when exposed to Buildings.”

**Bomber Knight** –
Epic –
7 Elixir –
Mega Knight Health –
Ground Ranged Massive Splash Radius (4.5) –
Mini Pekka Swing Damage –
Slow Speed –
2sec Hitspeed –
“The Bomber Knight really earned his role as a ‘Knight’ with his shiny suit, but don’t be fooled! The Mega-ton Bombs he carries can wipe out even the toughest of foes in just a few blows!”

**El Primo** –
5 Elixir –
Knight Health –
Ground Single –
Bandit Uncharged/Bandit Charged/Mini Pekka (Splash)Damage –
Medium/Fast/Very Fast –
2sec/1.5sec/1.2sec Hitspeed –
“El Primo takes his time before maximum power, but he goes full on mad when he gets his mask on tight!”
(Every 3 times he lands a hit on an enemy troop, he upgrades a level 1/2/3. At 3 he gains splash.)

**Time** –
Epic –
2 Elixir –
5sec (0.2+ Every Upgrade) –
3 radius –
“Drooooooooppp itttttt anddddddd timmeeeeeee sloooowwwws dowwwn forrrr eneemmmy troooopppps temporarilllyyyyy….”
(When dropped time slows temporarily for a time against enemies in a 3 radius)

**Hidden Sparky** –
Building –
5 Elixir –
Legendary –
1100 Health –
1700 Damage –
8sec Charge Time –
“When hidden underground, he soaks up energy from the soil building up quite a harmful blast, not only that, when not exposed it cannot be damaged by spells. But come near, he pops up and leaves his frail body able to be pummeled.. But don’t get caught off guard..!”

**Electro Dragon** –
5 elixir –
Legendary –
1400 Health –
140 Area Damage –
0.1 Stun –
0.8 Hitspeed –
Medium Speed –
“Shoots a focused beam of pure electricity that never truly extinguishes and stuns along the way, that may damage many foes at once!”
(like an inferno but stuns, splashes, but never increases.)

Well, I hope you liked this post. I really hope this is contributing something. Thanks for viewing, and please, ask me a question about the ‘new’ cards if you are confused. I encourage you to ask about the balance and other ideas furthermore.

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