[Idea] What I think is the problem with Hog rider, and a “new” nerf idea.

Hog rider is one of the most controversial Clash Royale topics at the moment. One half of the players are demanding a nerf, the other half does not see the need and defend Hog rider with love and great arguments.

I don’t necessarily think Hog is OP, or is in desperate need of a nerf, but there are a few sides to him.

For one I can’t help but notice Hog is a good win condition on ladder, in every arena, he is decent in 2v2, he is common among the pro’s, (who could play any win condition) he is great in challenges, he is great in tournaments and of course touchdown players ragequit as soon as their opponent plants him.

Hog is just good everywhere. No other card comes close to this. There are a few reasons why I think this happens:
-Hog is rare, so it is a good ladder win condition.
-He doesn’t need a strategy of the difficulty only pro’s or experts can deal with. (Like X-bow, for example)
-The counters. Listed Hog has more counters than a good amount of other cards. But a lot of them are buildings! In the current meta buildings aren’t as common. I have played since about the death of siege, and I remember a time a deck without Inferno tower did not work. Things are different now. A lot of other counters (Skarmy, swarms, Electro wizard,…) are spellable (Zap, Fireball, Log, to name a few) or expensive (Bowler, P.E.K.K.A.,…) Expensive cards can be outcycled!
-With Hog’s speed and the above in mind, we may assume that Hog riders are very often able to land one, or two, or even three hits. This makes for a low risk, great reward strategy.

This last argument is the main inspiration for my nerf: Give Hog rider crown tower damage! I don’t think he should be stopped more easily. I don’t think any card interaction should change. Just the reward for reaching the tower, because it is too easy.

What are your opinions on this? Do you think the same way? Or do you disagree with me? Why do you (dis)agree? Let me know!

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