[Idea] Training Camp Improvement

Training Camp is almost useless to me. The AI of the trainers are not very good. I want to suggest that you can request what deck to face by selecting cards for the deck or tap “Any” to get match up with any deck. Clash Royale will try to find a same/similar deck or tap and find opponents that are the same or closest level to you from ladder or training camp. You can fight real players in Training Camp without losing/wining trophies, gaining any crowns, chests and any other resources. It is like battling in ladder but don’t lose or gain anything. This will not only practice on your deck, it is also to spend more time on clash royale. This should be a feature to Training Camp because not members can’t be always active to friendly battle and they don’t have certain cards to battle you with. I hope you guys enjoyed my post.

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