[Idea] Tornado nerf

Have you ever heard of the executioner? Sure, it’s a pretty good card. Combined with tornado it’s INSANE!!!! So this combo is the key to destroying any push your opponent might throw at you, whether it be 3M Golem or Lava Hound Sparky. Is it really fair that you spend all this precious elixir on a big fat push expecting the opponent to either lose the game or do a smart play that you can admire in real time, or will your opponent just play this broken combo? Let’s face it it’s not fun for any party to have your gameplan obliterated by a stupid 3 elixir card. I think we as the community have had enough! We’ve been taking the abuse that Supercell throws at us for too long. It’s been affecting us all in one way or another. (mortar bug, king tower activation before princess tower dies and of course the free chests) It’s time for us as a community to put our feet down and tell Supercell we are serious. The plague that is tornado must be stopped.

For the first tornado is a hard counter (extreme in some cases) to the hog rider. Hog rider is a balanced card but versus tornado it’s free elixir for the opponent and the hog rider card is useless. Some decks use the hog rider as their sole win condition and is it really fair that some players just get locked out of the game if their opponent decided to play this op card?

Let’s look at some replacement cards for this broken card. The only semi-viable replacement is the arrows. Does damage and nothing else, while tornado does damage + drag. Simply put the tornado costs the same and gives A LOT more utility, is this power creep? Now let’s dive into some facts so you can see how serious this problem really is.

According to Clash Royale Deck Builder, about 67% of Clash Royale players have obtained Hog Rider but ONLY 56% of the people use it! This means that 20% of clash royale players think that the card is unviable in today’s meta (and those who use it only use it because they want to give free wins to their opponents, win trading is a thing FYI).

The reason behind the low usage rates of Hog Rider is that tornado is way too overpowered, no one uses Hog Rider because of tornado, either Hog Rider gets a buff or tornado needs a nerf. The Tornado literally gives you elixir when you play against hog, this means that the tornado is basically an Elixir Collector for 3 the less mana, OP!

According to Clash Royale Deck Builder again about 40% of clash royale players have the card and 54% of those use it. This means that in total only 20% of clash royale players use it, and of course, the reason is the 3 elixir cheaper option (hint: Tornado), it’s as simple as 1+1<1.

If Supercell continues with this power creep the game is going to die (hint: it’s already dying, just look at all the posts about it, and it’s only the tornados fault).

One last point that’s important for you to know is that unfortunately tornado will soon be the new Royal Giant. An epic as we all know only requires 16 cards to upgrade it to tournament standard, and it only gets worse when the players start getting more epics from the newly released quests. For contrast a common requires 786(!!!) cards to upgrade to tournament standard. So if you think common overleveling is a problem, obviously epic overleveling is a bigger problem (as it requires 98% (1-17/786) less cards to upgrade).

If you are not convinced yet then I raise you this, what if you could experience a more diverse meta, are you not bored when you play ladder? The boredom has its origins in power creep cards such as tornado (arrows + elixir collector + bowler + log + poison = a card for 3 elixir!!!!!11!). The solution to ladder anxiety, rage and boredom is a nerf to tornado. Let the community’s voice be heard and make a difference, upvote to give this problem attention (so maybe supercell can fix this).

PS. Remember to tag /u/ClashRoyale so they see this! Sorry for any grammatical mistakes as english is not my first language.

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