[Idea] Should There Be Another Siege Building?

With the recent resurgence of siege decks in the new meta and the 20-win challenge, it got me thinking: for an archetype that’s been one of the three primary archetypes since who knows when, your choice of win conditions is pretty limited.

Now, keep in mind that I’m not a siege player at all, I prefer beatdown, so I may not have all the facts on how to play siege. However, from my understanding as far as siege win conditions go you have X-Bow and Mortar, and that’s about it. Defensive stoppers like cannon/tesla don’t do chip damage, spawner buildings aren’t considered win conditions, and cannon cart doesn’t have the long range that X-Bow and Mortar do to qualify.

With all this in mind, should there be more options for win conditions when you want to play siege? It does seem a bit off that the archetype has fewer choices for customization than the other two. That being said, coming up with a new building that has characteristics distinguishing it from the X-Bow and Mortar may be tougher than expected. Those two cards do a good job of balancing each other out: you have a nice contrast between single target and splash damage, fast and slow hit speed, low and high damage, medium and high elixir cost, and even the mortar’s weakness to troops up close that the X-Bow can still hit.

Perhaps this is why there have not been any new siege buildings since the game was launched. Or perhaps it’s been thought that another long-range building may negatively influence the overall strategy of many players. I don’t see this being the case, but what do I know. I’m at a loss for good ideas on a new siege WC except to say that maybe you could have one that’s less expensive than the mortar, although that brings into question whether it’ll have enough value to be called a win condition and I still have no idea what the card would do. I’d love to hear if any of you have ideas on a new buddy for those pesky siege cards that would enhance the blossoming siege meta!

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