[Idea] my ideas to clash royale!

These are my ideas to clash royale :

* Battle spectators could also send emotes.
* There should be unranked 1v1 because training camp is not good enough to test out decks here.
* Ice wizard should have a spawn effect just like Ewiz. Effect should be like ice golem’s death effect so whenever ice wizard is spawned slows down enemy troops.
* If youre clan leader you could increase th clan size for gem. For example for 100 gems you can increase clan size to 60 players.
* when you get to level 8 and you unlock challenges, you should be offered 3 free entries to clasic challenge and 1 free entry to grand challenge.
* faster chest cycles… Silver chests would unlock in 2 hours, gold chest 6 hours, magickal and giant 9 hours, legend and super magickal 12 hours
* chat after 2v2 should be custom… It doesnt make sense to chat with already created emotes…

And now some card ideas!
* O-man (legendary or epic) – old man with a dangerous looking staff. With his staff he could pull ranged troops near him (so that he could atack them) and push melee troops of him (so that they dont atack him). Would cost 4 elixir.
* Artilery (legendary) – have 5 special bullets to shoot in unlimited range with high splash damage and then shoots regular bullets in 8 range (1st level – 8 range, 3rd level – 9 range, 5th level – 10 range). it would cost 6-7 elixir (I hope its not too OP).
* Poison spirit (rare or epic) – jumps in oponents troops and poisons them for like 3 seconds. would cost 1 or 2 elixxir i guess?
* slime (from minecraft),(rare or epic) – who plays minecraft those dont need explanation. 2 or 3 elixir maybe?
* absorber (epic or legendary) – it absorbs like 30% damage your troops have taken in range of 3. 4 or 5 elixer

Welp That’s all my ideas hope you like and undersand it !

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