[Idea] Lightning Chest and Fortune Chest value swap.

Ok so first of all, I know not all the changes should be aimed at making it easier for the players to progress, as Clash Royale is also a business and SuperCell want people to buy and spend gems. But I do think this suggestion is both better for the players and for SuperCell, so hear me out.

Lightning Chest currently contains 2 epics, 20 rares and 100~ commons with 5 strikes available for 250 gems. Fortune Chest currently contains 8 epics, 50 rares and 190~ commons with 1 legendary in every 10 chests (10% chance for people who don’t have a bunch of gems, a.k.a. most of us) and costs 750 gems.

They both have big design issues for F2P players and players only willing to spend low amounts of money in the game.

The lightning chest mechanic is amazing and very very tempting, as you’ll get a higher chance of getting that epic or that stack of rares you want, but the problem is, for 250 gems, 20 rares or 2 epics just doesn’t cut the deal, they’re not worth the risk just because the reward is so low the strikes might as well not even matter. 20 rares is less than 2 days of rare-requesting, and you simply won’t get 250 free gems in 2 days. 2 epics is next to worthless, those 2 epics are worth 2k gold, and you’re giving up ~5k gold worth of gems.

Fortune chest is even worse. The mechanic of knowing what you might get means you’ll want it pretty much when 3 out of the 4 options are desired, but even when the opportunity presents itself, the high cost of 750 gems means you’ll only get 1 or 2 shots at it, when in reality the chests true value comes when buying a bunch of them, ’cause yes, I might want those 8 epics or 50 rares for my gems, but no one wants to spend their hard-earned gems to get a bunch of useless “fortuned” commons and stuff they don’t use.

So, if lightning chest’s problem is the amount of cards it contains and the fortune chest’s problem is its price, I present to you my suggested solution. Make the fortune chest cost 250 gems with 20 rares and 2 epics (less of a chance for a legendary), and in compensation, make it so you get at least 2 of the 4 fortuned options, that way, players are encouraged to buy more than one of them, both for their cheaper price and better chance at getting your desired goodies. And make the lightning chest cost 750 gems, with 50 rares and 8 epics, a 10% chance for a legendary and make it so striking a legendary actually costs 2 strikes, and in compensation, give us an additional 1 or 2 strikes for a total of 6-7 strikes.

This will also be good for supercell ’cause people will have more reasons to buy these new-valued chests, as the new fortune chest is perfect for the guys trying to max out their whole deck (commons, rares and epics), as they will be really tempted to buy them when the daily fortune gets their desired cards, and the new lightning chest is perfect for the guys trying to max out just a certain epic or rare (due to already maxed cards in their decks), or even trying to get that lucky legendary they use, as the strikes mechanic gives a better chance at getting the card you desire, ’cause you’ll know which card rarity to strike accordingly.

To be honest, I actually think this is the way the new chests should’ve been launched. They’re better for what the players want and will also net more sales from the side of supercell. At the very least, if you guys rule this idea out, consider the QoL change to give 2 out of the 4 fortuned options, or else, the fortune chest is worthless for people without 7500 gems.

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