[Idea] Ideas for balance changes.

Some cards in clash royale need buffs, Here are some of my ideas for balance changes.

Sparky: added death damage(400 damage)
Adding death damage to sparky will severely damage troops like. musketeer, electro wizard, ice wizard, wizard, night witch, witch, executioner, and I think that death damage would help Sparky out. Electric explosion!!!!!

Clone: card level +1 just like the mirror! 😀

Bomb Tower: Added death damage (450 damage) damage increased by 4% the bomb tower isn’t good at all, it’s one of the worst cards in the game right now. So death damage would work with this card, and the damage increase would be necessary,

Fire spirits: damage increased by 3% just to make them more viable,

Guards: Count +1, Shield hit points decreased by 3% the guards weren’t ever that good. I think 1 more guard would help them out! And make them a choice, not just skeleton army,

Prince: elixir count to 4 from 5, damage decrease by 5%, hitpoints decreased by 5% the Prince isn’t used at much over arena 6, and he’s so easy to counter SO THAT’S WHY!

Spear goblins: damage increased by 7% sprear goblins aren’t that good. More people will pick goblins or goblin gang.. so more chip damage!

Barbarian hut: +10 seconds of lifetime, 1 more row of Barbarians is needed for this card, it’s just not used that often,

Tesla: added chain effect up to 2 targets, damage increased by 3% the Tesla remember the op tesla now it horrible… by the way if you don’t know what a chain effect is, its the electro wizards effect to attack two units at a time,

I hope you liked my ideas! It took a long time so please don’t hate lol… 😂

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