[Idea] Does mortar need a nerf?

WHY MORTAR DOESN’T NEED A NERF:Mortar currently is one of the most used F2P decks in Clash Royale from 4000 and up. There are handful of variations for the decks. If mortar gets a substantial nerf it will not be seen in the top 100 almost at all. Mortar currently is a good offense card but only if elixir trades are managed well and the mortar is defended perfectly then it gets tower damage. Mortar defense is also good but it is not a tank killer in any means. The mortar will kill the ranged troops in the back line but almost do nothing compared to the tank which makes it good on defense if the support troops kill the tank. If the support troops of mortar did less damage people would spend more elixir on defending and cant use rocket cycling to win game. Also If rocket was nerfed harder it would be balanced with lightning making mortar decks viable not overpowered. If mortar itself gets a hard nerf a lot of the f2p user will be outraged and will have to grind out another deck, stick with a overly nerfed mortar or just quit the game. Also with a nerf to mortar it was stay not viable in challenges such as elite barbs and royal giant. However Super cell could make a card that hard counters the mortar causing it to have a super hard match up such as when bait users facing mortar.

WHY MORTAR NEEDS A NERF: Mortar currently is one of the most hated decks to face in ladder for many people. Many people think it takes no skill what so ever to win games with it because people can just over level the card.Mortar has many commons in the deck making it easy to level and a non rare win condition unless people like a anaban rocket cycle their opponents. This makes mortar very viable in ladder because it is so easy to level up.Super cell have realized that Royal Giant being a common is a mistake because win conditions should not be common so the same rule could apply for the mortar. Mortar also has good pressure and defense making it a good card. The main reason it would need a nerf is because of the high amount of commons in it which causes over leveling.

POSSIBLE NERF IDEAS: Get rid of the re target range or making it closer. 5% damage nerf and 5% hp nerf. Finally make it into a rare card.

Side facts about me: I am a mortar user and many people in my clan think it deserved a nerf. This makes me a little bias but take the topic with a grain of salt.

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