[Idea] Being able to change the maximum amount of members in a clan and how and why it would be good in clash royale.

Member Limit:

currently in clans we have a member limit of 50. This works very well for a game with the dynamic of clash royale, but what if the limit could be changed? (to a number below 50)

Changing the clan limit would be an option available once a week, on epic Sunday only, just to give epic Sunday that little bit of extra epic-ness! when making a clan you would be able to set the limit. It would default and be set to 10, but be optional to set to any multiple of 10 from 10 to 50. once set it would be changeable once a week. the clan chest would require different amounts of crowns depending on how high the limit was. this would enable a group of 10 people to be able to get 30 crowns each in a clan with a 10 people member limit and get the normal 10/10 clan chest. The limit can only be changed by 5 or 10 crowns per week. If it is set to a number that ends in 5 then the clan chest will go to the nearest 10 clan chest, for example if there were a 35 member limit then there would be a 40 member clan chest. you would also not be able to change the member limit to a number under the amount of current members without selecting who to kick first.


This would be a great tool to help a player build a clan. with a smaller member limit it is easier to keep track of the players in your clan and to kick the inactive ones.

It would enable a smaller group of active players to get a decent level clan chest.


clans with 15, 25, 35 or 45 member limit would have to get a higher average crown count than 30 each.

This would have to be seen by a supercell employee and discussed with the ‘royale team to be implicated into the game, which it won’t

Thanks for reading, sorry for leaving the post of a downer, and if you have anything to add comment below!

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