[Idea] a new challenge/tournament idea

Well we see in the games hosted by the Clash Royale where they pick a Ban card in their opponent’s deck how about instead of ban they will become a MUST have card

For example
If player 1 pick skeletons and player 2 pick bomb tower

Player 1 must have bomb tower in their deck while player 2 must have skeletons in their deck

It stimulates their brain to make a deck with that card, after both players pick that must card they are given a certain time period (could go from 30secs to 1min it depends) to build a deck then the challenge will start

Failure to do so can give them random cards depending on the cards you have if your deck lacks a wincon the challenge will randomly pick a wincon or if your deck lacks a low elixir card they will give you low elixir card or if the average deck is high they could give you an elixir collector (if you only pick 4 cards by the end of the time then the challenge will randomly pick 3 cards that makes 8 cards – 4 you pick, 3 randomly generated and then the 1 MUST have card) or if you haven’t pick a card then the challenge will randomly pick a deck for you with the MUST have card

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