I don’t think the Hog Rider is Overpowered. Change my mind. [Idea]

I’ve recently been getting into extensive debate among my clan about the hog. I see all over the Supercell forums that the hog is broken and my clanmates share the same sentiment. Meanwhile, i’m over here thinking “Well I’ve never had an issue with hogs in the past.” That’s when I realized, all the people who argue against me don’t seem to have factual based arguments. Being a person who loves civilized debate, I would like to hear from anyone who thinks the hog rider is overpowered and has facts to back up their stance. Because common arguments I’ve seen/heard can be quickly refuted.

For example:

“Hog is the most overused card in the game.”
Hog is the 3rd most used card in Clash Royale in terms of card pick rate (59.1%) and has the 41st highest win rate (32.2%) at the time of posting. Statistics come from https://statsroyale.com/top/cards

“You cannot get positive elixir trades against hog.”
Hog is 4 elixir. There’s numerous card combinations that you can do for positive or equal trades. Such combos are:
Tombstone and Ice Spirit/Skeletons (The / means either or not both)
Skeleton Army
Tornado (To king tower)
Tornado Ice spirit
Cannon Ice spirit/Skeletons
Mega Minion Ice spirit/Skeletons
Minions Ice spirit/Skeletons
Guards Ice spirit/Skeletons
Bandit Ice spirit
(Results may vary)

“But the hog is never sent in alone!”
Ok, so that depends on the combo.
Hog+fireball= 8 elixir
Hog+Lightning= 10 elixir
Hog+poison= 8 elixir
Hog+freeze= 8 elixir
Hog+zap= 6 elixir
Hog+Log= 6 elixir
Hog+Rocket= 10 elixir
Hog+Tornado= 6 elixir
Hog+Rage= 6 elixir
(Used as a baseline for a hog+spell push)
All these combos allow for more elixir to be used on defense, which means its easier to stop a hog and get positive trades for it.

“Hog gets guaranteed 1 hit on the tower”
Have you ever heard of a building?

“Hog does too much damage per hit for 4 elixir.”
Hog rider at tournament standard levels (lvl 7 for rares) does 264 damage per hit. Mini Pekka does 598 damage per hit for 4 elixir also. Is mini pekka op?

“Hog has a very fast move speed”
Mini Pekka has a fast move speed and elite barbarians have a very fast move speed and only 10 less damage per hit.

“I don’t care, hog needs a nerf.”
The last time the hog got a balance change was June 21, 2016 and it was a nerf to its damage. Cards do not go over a year without balance changes unless they are BALANCED.

I look forward to seeing rational comments and arguments. Change my mind.

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