How much money is too much?

I’ve been playing clash of clans for about 4 years and clash royale since it’s global launch, so I think I have some legitimate ground to critize these games. Now, there are a couple of things I can talk about but I want to talk about probably the most important topic, money, specifically the money transactions in clash royale.

People have literally spent more than $15K on this game. Cheif pat had already spent $12K when this game was out only for about 2 months. There is just so much wrong with that.

First of all, if you pay $12K on any game, you should unlock every feature of the game AND a free exclusive dlc AND a personally given blowjob by each and every developer for the next 84 years of your life. Doesn’t matter if it’s a free to play game, or one which costs $60. $12K is just too damn much (It is important to remember that it’s not just youtubers, who make 10 folds more money by spending, who throw this much money at this game).

My problem with supercell is that they have this shitload of money pouring in every day and they to do absolute jackshit with it. They took almost 2 months for this update. How much do you think it cost? Was it worth the 2 month wait? How much money did supercell make after the update? It’s not illegal to make lots and lots and lots of money, but it the way supercell milks one concept is unethical as shit.

Supercell’s pay model is way, WAY worse than EA’s. To unlock all the content in battlefront 2 you needed to pay $2100 +$60. You can’t even max a single legendary with that amount of money in clash royale. It’s just so unethical and slimy.

*TL;DR* : Supercell represent everything that is wrong with the gaming industry trying to milk as much money out of one concept as possible, and they do jackshit with that money.

NOTE : This thread is not about f2p vs p2w. It’s about people who spend gems not being rewarded sufficiently.

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