Hey guys, this is AxureFangz here back with a bridge, a Cannon Cart deck!

This card is just great! I have been using the Cannon Cart for quite a while, and I see that people do not know how to defend it properly! They do not know their characteristic and they do not know its defenseless defenses. For more information, click here ! It is so surprising that a Cannon Cart can remove an entire Mega Knight without any support! Whatever it is, put the bridge in the bridge!

Hands down, this is one (if not only) of the best maps of the game to be associated with splashing units. Tornado can accumulate enemy troops, allowing your executioner to run out!

This card can shoot Goblin barrels, miners, pig riders, golems, giants etc. to your turn the king, which drags him.


Identify the bridge of your opponents! This will facilitate your fighting, allowing you to play with confidence.

The best movements for opening are:

    • Giant in the back
    • Cannon Cart in the back
    • Cannon Cart to the bridge (Surprise, I have a basket Cannon!)

Bats on the bridge

  • Ice Spirit at the bridge (only if the Ice Spirit level is the same or higher than your opponent’s King Tower level.)
  • Crushed 2 tiles in front of King Tower (due to its slow speed, and you do not want a Fireball to give it value.)


In 1x, keep pressing. It is only a platform of elixir 3.6 beating, which means you can easily return to the card you need.

In 2x, here is where it becomes CRAZY.

This is where you can freely place all troops. Do you have a dead giant? Throw another down! Oh, you think you need another Cannon Cart, go crazy!

Your counterweights will also be more deadly, as you will have a ton of troops for defense, and you will throw a giant in front and GG.

Matchups :

Golem –

***Clash Royale Golem***

Use Executioner + Tornado + Ice Spirit (if necessary) to get rid of the support.

But, first, use Giant whenever they place their tank at the back, or an Elixir Collector, on the opposite lane. This is called pressure.

For Golem, Cannon Cart can easily eradicate a Golem, even if you can let the enemy support units destroy its shield, pulling the Golem towards it. However, this requires skill, perfect timing and much elixir. Even a Lightning can do the same!

Lavaloon –

Clash Royale Lava Hound Lavaloon – Really simple.

Use Exenado + Ice Spirit. When Lavahound is placed, go Giant + Cannon Cart + Bats (optional) on the opposite lane.

Try biking to Bats to help take away anything else.

Keep placing Elixir Collectors, so they can destroy a Fireball / Lightning. E-Wiz does good against these things too.


Clash Royale Giant Giant- Easy, but be careful.

I say you should be careful, as they will have more Elixir to support their Giant.

If they place their giant at the back, place them on the opposite lane to the bridge. This will make them decide to support their giant or defend your giant.

Clash Royale Hog Rider “width =” 70 “height =” 84 “/> Hog Rider – Pretty easy.

You have Cannon Cart, Tornado, Bats and Electro Wizard.

Ideally Tornado should be used for a solitary Hog, but for big thrusts, Cannon Cart and E-Wiz got it.

Do not forget to drop Giant right after.

Elixir Collectors will not be too important in this game.

Bada Bada Ram (Battle Ram) – It may not be common but sometimes can be a pain .

E-Wiz should clean the Battle Ram. Bats can also do the job, but it is risky, as they could the Zap!

Exenado or Fireball + Tornado for support.

Three Mousketeers – Also quite easy.

Clash Royal Three Musketeers “width =” 70 “height =” 84 “/>

If they place Elixir Collector, you can

  • Place your collector of elixir
  • Pressure with the giant and the bats at the bridge.

They divide their 3M, you can Tornado + Fireball turn them into the most damaged turn. Or you can have Cannon Cart + Ice Spirit for 2M + Support and Bats for 1M.

Hey guys, this is AxureFangz here back with a bridge, a Cannon Cart deck! Real annoying confrontation.

A Cannon Cart is ideal for defense, but when they are too troops, you will need extra support.

For Goblin Barrel, Tornado it to King Tower.

The hangman and E-Wiz are invaluable because they will be forced to charge 101% for an offense.

Bats are doing wonders for Knight, Goblin Gang and Princess. They can also distract an Inferno Tower. Ice Spirit, too, can take a Goblin Gang, place it behind the Spear Goblins, pulling the Goblin Punch, freezing each Goblin for 1 elixir!

Try to pack your defense and throw a giant front. Always throw the bats at the bridge. They can squeeze your support, so keep things spaced!

PEKKA / Mega Knight-

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.A “PEKKA / Mega Knight- It depends on their support.

Cannon Cart is the key to defense. Really, Cannon Cart+Executioner + Ice Spirit/Tornado can destroy a PEKKA plus its support. Throws a giant afterwards. Continue to load support troops behind your Giant, so your opponent can place a PEKKA to kill your Giant.

I was surprised when I saw a single Cannon Cart remove a Mega Knight alone! Including his jump, he was not able to kill him!

E-Wiz and Bats should do well for the support. Add the Executioner or Spirit of Ice if necessary. You guessed it, PLAY A GIANT.

Clash Royale Miner Miner Poison / Control- Cannon Cart and Tornado is a blessing!

A cannon basket while support, and Tornado can continue to shoot the minor to your turn King. If Miner, your Elixir Collector, use E-Wiz, not Bats. However, an intelligent player would use their Poison.



I really appreciate this platform, and I hope you will have it too!

Peace out!


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