Bad Composition Did Amazing Work – A Giant Skeleton Deck

Hi friends, I want to share A Giant Skeleton Deck with you. Please note that this bridge is no longer viable, not only because it was bad from the start, but just as the use of Mega Knight has increased, which makes difficult to perform thrusts. This solves in you having to risk more to win, which makes even more punishing games for high-level opponents. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy reading and hope we can have a discussion together to find a better game for me lmao.

I managed to build a pretty effective deck around the Giant Skeleton and the Three Musketeers. I love it but I need help to build another deck / optimize the deck by adjusting my playing style.

A Giant Skeleton Deck

Hi people, that’s my bridge that I used from ~ 2,300 up to ~ 3,800, not only because I felt more comfortable with it, but I’m afraid of it. # 39; s use anything else lol. I am clearly aware that this deck is not a high-level deck, but I want to get something together that I can use to advance to the league of challenges. Means I am looking for something that looks a little like the use of this deck, which I could not build before. And here is the community at stake: help.


King Level: 10


  • Giant Skeleton: 5
  • Three Musketeers: 8
  • Knight: 11
  • Minions: 11
  • Ice Wizard: 2


  • Cannon: 11


  • Arrows: 11
  • Clone: 5

Just note that I obviously did not use these cards at this level all the way through. But here are the most relevant updates.

  • Giant Skeleton: It was my first epic 5 ever. Raised HP and its higher death damage are much appreciated.
  • Three Musketeers: Since the Giant Skeleton and these guys are the main sources of damage in this deck, it is very useful to improve them as soon as possible. For some reason, I had a hard time leveling this card up to 8 long (because I forgot to ask for this card lol). But yes, same as the bomber. Lvl8 survives Fireball at the same level.
  • Clone: This one was also hard to reach 5, but I finally got it. You want this card to maximize your thrust efficiency and by leveling it you will not hurt anyone. Except your crown turns with enemies.
  • Canon:  Both on the offense. The reason you should get this one to 11 is that you need a way to handle things like Hog Rider better. For example, Cannon 10 easily treats Hog 7, but fights 8 and 9.

How To Use Deck with Giant Skeleton?

Okay, let’s talk about strategy now. The first problem you noticed is the high average cost of this game (4.1!). You really have to play this deck carefully and you will want to scout a lot, especially at the beginning, otherwise, you will eventually lose all your troops and you will find yourself forced without having an elixir to defend yourself. The other thing is the offensive pressure. The only cards used offensively in this game are Three Musketeers and Giant Skeleton, while the last is the least expensive with 6 elixir costs. If your opponent adapts his cycle to your offensive pressure rhythm, you are going to have a bad time to get damage at any crown turn. This means that you must attract the key cards of the enemy using one of the other Troops / Building cards. Disclaimer: This deck mainly archives 1-Crown-Wins. It’s hard to put pressure on the Crown Tower after the 1st Crown thrust, so you just have to stall the timer after you’re in advantage. Another warning: I push especially to the right since the clones always appear on the right side. How does this affect my style of play, I will explain later.

From there, I will enter each card in detail:

Giant SkeletonBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Wow, in the top game, this guy is so bad and because of that, he recently got another + 5% HP buff. But hey, this game is based on the use of it, I will take it. However, the Giant Skeleton is one of the main winning conditions of this game. You can use this card both offensively and defensively. Usually, you just want to start pushing the Giant Skeleton and supporting it with other troops. Your opponent has revealed an inferno / dragon tower? Try to support your tank with servants. They use swarms to submerge your skeleton friend? Switch between the arrows, the henchmen, the ice wizard and rarely even the three musketeers to stay unpredictable and help him. He checked your giant skeleton successfully?

Try to keep his troops in the bomb zone, most of the troops are too slow or they get stuck on the bridge, but sometimes you can use the Knight here to take a few hits and let the enemies faint, maybe be converting your Knight for another push. Were you able to route your giant skeleton up to the princess tower? Try to get your Clone on your troop not only to get a safe crown (two giant bombs at level lvl5 do 2,102 HP damage), but to go to the King’s Tower in case your Giant Skeleton does not die thanks If you push to the right, the Crown Tower will initially target the original Giant Skeleton, leaving the clones unscathed to push them towards the towers.

The only defensive way to use the Giant Skeleton is to push him into the thrust of enemies, that he drops the bomb casually on the bridge and destroys all the troops. By doing this you can save time and depend on the troops killed, you make a positive exchange of elixirs.

Three MusketeersBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Although this card is so expensive, I do not like to use these Elixir Collectors. I just lost so much momentum by putting them in place, just to lose elixir through Fireball. The recent nerve further justifies my decision. However, the Three Musketeers are the other main source of damage next to the Giant Skeleton. I mainly use these in the last minute/overtime because the high costs do not hurt too much. But sometimes, I can go down two knight panels in front of the King’s Tower, then knock down the three musketeers behind the knight to advance. Without tracking before, this move is risky because your enemy can wreak havoc on the other side, which can make you trade turns or worse, lose a ride for nothing so he checks your thrust properly. When in a comfortable position, you can also use three musketeers to check multiple cards, such as Giant, Inferno Dragon, most swarms, and so on. What I did not mention is the fact that Three Musketeer works well with Clone. Once the women have arrived at the tower, drop the spell to demolish the crown tower in seconds.

KnightBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

This card is the glue of this game. It is able to control a lot of things, able to prevent thrusts with the damage of the Princess Tower. You can also use this card to keep your troops, eg. protect the three musketeers from splash damage. If the Knight arrives at the Princess’s Tower, you can eventually drop a Clone here for the damage to be correct and force your enemy to act defensively. But overall, the knight’s role is more defensive in nature.

MinionsBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

I really like his ability to adapt to most situations. In attack, I can save my Giant Skeleton to help him reach the tower and even if he does not, 2-3 Minions are still targeting the tower if it is placed on the right side when the opponent is trying to attract the skeleton. If the timing is correct, you can use a clone to multiply your minions to inflict heavy damage to the princess tower if it is not monitored and to clone my giant skeleton so that the clone returns to the princess tower to prevent your opponent to throw troops near your servants (and maybe he’ll reach the tower, but that’s very unlikely). In defense, you can check multiple cards with Knight or Giant Skeleton, which gives a good deal to ground troops that can not attack the Minions.

Ice WizardBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Considering that my winning conditions are so expensive, I need a speed control to slow down the game. The ice wizard can slow down the thrusts, save time and help me get my elixir together. He also checks the swarms that are very dangerous for my giant skeleton. The level of this map is not so important because its frost effect does not improve by raising the level. Do not hesitate to invest in this card if you want to do a little more damage.

CanonBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Well, this defensive building is just too good. This is very necessary since this game lacks reliable defensive options otherwise. That’s how I check especially targeting building troops like Hog Rider, Balloon (with Ice Wizard or Minions), Giant, and so on. You can also use the Cannon to attract slow / weak attackers, such as Mega Knight, Giant Skeleton, Knight, Mega Minion, etc. In case of emergency, you can also throw this card in front of the tower to avoid damage.

ArrowsBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

My only harmful spell. This one is mainly used to better treat the swarms, to chop large groups of troops or to kill HP low cards like Princess. Sometimes you have to throw several arrows in overtime while you roll over the deck to destroy another at low power, as this is the only method to inflict damage away except for the three musketeers. Yeah, I know, it’s annoying not to have something like a fireball or a rocket available, but I have not been able to place such a card in the package.

CloneBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Last but not least, here is the Clone spell. This very precious card really makes the Giant Skeleton and the Three Musketeers very menacing. Once in a good position, covered by tanky troops, the produced clones will deal with just about anything, no matter whether troops, buildings or towers. This is how you mainly destroy an enemy Crown Tower. And that’s why I prefer to push on the right. The clones appear on the right, will be covered by their original troops that spawn in the middle and finally the king’s tower. The more clones have time, the more damage will be important. Do your best to protect the clones … whops, they have a Zap!

Gameplay with Giant Skeleton Deck


It’s the time you have to search for a card that could threaten your Giant Skeleton / Three Musketeers. Wait until your elixir is at 9.5, then kick off with the help of a giant skeleton or knight on the two right panels in front of your king’s turn. If you only have Giant Skeletons / Knights + Three Musketeers as troops in your first five cards, drop your tank behind the King’s Tower instead to save time and spot a little longer.

When your tank reaches the bridge, your next shot depends on the reaction of the opponent. You can add a troop behind your Giant Skeleton / Knight to save. If he’s trying to check your initial thrust, look first, do not waste any elixir here. If he attacks to the left, go ahead and check his counter.


Ok, now when you have more information on the deck of enemies, try to get a favorite Princess Tower on the right. Start stacking troops for a push and keep in mind that your opponent has not shown all these options. Try to keep your elixir around 3-4.5, just in case you should react quickly and move from attack to defense.

Remember that if you pushed your Giant Skeleton on the bridge, but you had to go back in defense, do not waste your elixir for the attack until the attack phase is over. . In most cases, you can leave your giant skeleton alone thanks to the collateral damage of its bomb.

 Last Minute / Overtime

The way you play this phase depends heavily if you were able to knock down a tower. If so, stay on the defensive until the stopwatch runs out, it is difficult to take the King & Tower Tower with this deck. If you’re in a tie, focus your efforts on using Three Musketeers because you’ll recover fast enough to react to another push.

Hide your gunners behind a giant knight or skeleton, in some situations an ice wizard also works. If you are tied, but his deck has too many chips against your main cards, take a break and force a tie. If you are at a disadvantage for the crown, you can perform riskier pushes to get back to the tie. Then, force a tie. It is rare for you to make a comeback and get one more lap, but if your situation allows it, do not hesitate and take this victory.

Other options  to replace deck card

In the beginning phase of this game, I played with some cards to try what best fits the main kernel. Here, I will list some cards that I would consider for this game, if you want to try for yourself.

 Elixir CollectorBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Helps a lot with these high costs. But on the one hand, there is not really much space for the grinding of the elixir. On the other hand, I could not use this card as effectively as the others. As for the last nerve, I see no reason to implement the collector in my deck.

BatsBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

A possible replacement for Minions. They reach a higher speed and generate higher damage. But you swap to get instantly baited by Zap, Electro Wizard and Spear Goblins because of inferior health.

Mega MinionBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Also a possibility for the Minion slot. You do not lose your flying troop because of the small damage caused by splashing, but your damage is less important and your enemy must distract only one troop instead of three. And Clone does a better job combined with Minions.

Ice GolemBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Better redirect than Ice Wizard and also brings the gel. But I have the impression that Ice Wizard is more consistent and that the ability to attack flying troops is essential.

 ZapBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

Can be used instead of arrows due to lower costs. Arrows are always preferable to better manage the Princess, the Minion Horde and the Goblins of high level.

FireballBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

For one more elixir, you get a weapon to hit a weakened tower a lot easier, especially in overtime. But removing the arrows is worse than my Swarm clash.

HealBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

I really wanted to try this instead of Cloner, since Heal helps the Three Musketeers against the Fireball, mostly left to a low level of health after being hit once. But replacing Clone, I would abandon the super double bulging Giant Bomb, which brings me about 40-60% of my games.

Inferno TowerBad Composition Did Amazing Work - A Giant Skeleton Deck

More cumbersome than the cannon, better deal damage to tanks, attack both on the ground and in flight. But this card costs two more elixirs and does not help against the HP low troops. With, for example, Knight, Cannon can deal with hordes very quickly by combining it with the Princess Tower.

Checks and threats

There are several cards, which can handle this composition in several situations. To succeed, you must adapt to your opponents by invoking rhythime. In this way, you can try to get your best damaging cards in better positions to destroy a Crown Tower.


  • Swarms:  Skeleton Army, Goblin, Minion Horde – Swarms can easily get rid of the giant skeleton. Since this guy is like I want to approach the Princess Tower, it is highly recommended to find a way to deal with these. Preferably use the arrows or the ice wizard, sometimes these henchmen also do a good job.
  • Splash damage:   Sorcerer, Valkyrie, Mega Knight, Executioner, Log, Arrows, Fireball, Rocket – Talking Troop cards, you can handle them all if you place your troops properly, by Especially the positioning of the Three Musketeers are crucial. Otherwise, you just lose the elixir. Be careful after the opponent has revealed one of the named spells because they hurt most of your troops critically. Try to attract them and continue to attack with your Three Musketeers.
  • Fast Forwarders: Elite Barbarians, Fighting Aries, Lumberjacks, Pig Runners – As soon as you lose control over the pace of the game, it will be difficult to recover. Most of the time, if you are overwhelmed, try to push the current pressure and then play for a tie, because you do not want to risk overworking again.
  • Tanks: P.E.K.K.A., Golem, Giant, Royal Giant – They are also difficult to face, forcing a tie most of the time. At least you have enough resources to distract them.
  • Flying: Balloon, Lavahound – These are very dangerous because you do not have a lot of cards that can target flying troops AND do not cost you 9 Elixir. Distract them using your Canon and support it with Ice Wizard and Minions. With the Princess Tower, you can get rid of them before they become a serious threat.
  • Lure: Ice Golem, Cavalier, Knight, Tornado, any building – The most upsetting thing is when you can not channel the giant skeleton to the towers. These cards are often used to redirect the tank anywhere, but to the tower. Minions and Ice Wizard can attack across the river and can react before the giant skeleton reaches the middle of the field.

Closing words

I really like to use this deck. But I know that I will not go into the higher levels just playing that. By writing on my deck, I hope that no one is able to identify anything like a pattern in my playing style or my “playing style” to find a more “standard” deck or “high tier”. I appreciate all the constructive advice. And do not hesitate to test this deck on your own, it’s really fun to use.