Galaxy S8 is not compatible??


I have been playing Clash Royale since the day it was released. But your most recent update (12/12/2017) is not compatible with Samsung’s NEWEST phone Galaxy S8 !!!!

This is a huge problem for me being a daily user and spent over $100 into the game, please send a compatible update ASAP !!

I know it has to do with the screen resolution aspect ratio, and the last update made icons overlay, but it was still okay because everything still worked.

If you can’t find a way to optimize the game for the Galaxy S8 screen, then put back the black bars to fix the aspect ratio!!

This is a fair game, but a time-sensitive game too, this is NOT fair to Galaxy S8 users!!

I hope there is something about this on your Terms & Conditions, or else it’s possible you’ll get a few lawsuits.

Good luck, please fix, and clash on!!

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