Clash Royale or Hog Royale?

Honestly… It is everywhere. I’m playing in Legendary Arena and it’s in every deck. Most of which are at least level 10 or maxed out…

Before I receive any backlash, I’m not mad or hating on the card whatsoever. However, it is very frustrating when in every 5 games I play, approximately 3 players are hog users. Personally, it’s making the game a bit dull when I’m facing the card over and over again.

It is so versatile that you can find it in almost all decks. It’s in zap/log bait decks, giant decks, RG decks, it’s paired with e barbs, there’s Hog freeze, there’s Hog three muskies, Hog Pekka, Hog push with Valk/mini Pekka, Hog cycle, Hog miner…the list goes on.

I am aware that some cards can also be found in almost all decks such as zap and log. But, these cards are merely support/spell cards which support the deck, which imo isn’t as frustrating compared to facing the same win condition over and over again.

I feel that Hog needs a damage nerf to reduce its usage in the game so that hopefully there’ll be a more variety in the win conditions used in the game.

P.S I’m a Pekka user in case anyone is wondering

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