Clash royale: here’s why bad cards are bad part #1

Hello, i’m going to explain my opinion on why these cards are bad. Some of these cards may be used in some people’s decks because they fill a certain niche that deck needs but as a stand alone card they’re not good.

Let’s start.

**Clone**: a win more card. When you successfully use clone without it getting countered your opponent was already losing because they had 0 elixer, therefore playing clone would’ve had no impact on the outcome of the offensive push. Clone is bad because it serves no purpose other than to be flashy and win harder.

**Rage**: rage boosts your troops for a limited time which helps you get extra damage in whats so bad about that? a couple things, 1 its usually a waste of elixer because it doesn’t stop your push from getting countered by the same things that normally counter it, it only gets you more damage on the tower IF you make it there that is which brings me to the second point. 2 it’s a win more card. If your attack makes it to the tower your opponent already has insufficient elixer to defend anyways so playing rage is only going to kill the tower faster but it didn’t change the outcome at all. Rage is exactly like clone flashy.

**Heal**: heal is a good card concept it heals your troops so they can continue to fight for a little longer. However opportunitys to use heal are few and far inbetween. Times When your troops need to be healed are 1 when they took damage and 2 when they are taking damage. This does nothing to address the problem what is damaging your troops in the first place? Lets pretend your playing 3 musketeers and your 3ms get swarmed by a skeleton army would you rather heal in an attempt to fight them off or would you just play zap and instantly kill all of them and proceed towards the tower? The only times heal is actually useful is when your troops just got hit by a spell and you want to undo the damage but this scenario is so specific that it is likely not going to happen very often. Heal is bad because it is a dead card in the hand until its niche appears ingame.

This has been why bad cards are bad thanks for reading 👍!

I hope the formatting isn’t terrible because i did this on my phone but if it is just ask me to delete this garbage 😅.

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