Clash Royale Battle Terms Dictionary!

Hi, I’m back with another one! I am thinking about adding a strategy tag to this. This is my first draft. I will take your terms and alphabetize later. Each letter has terms underneath and the definitions are in brackets. These are mainly community made terms for battles.

Anyway, to the point:


Aggro (Aggroing a troop is getting a troop to target something you want it to target)

AOE (abbreviation for Area Of Effect, refers to something that affects an area instead of a single object)

Auto Pig-Push (dropping the hog on the tile horizontally adjacent to the top right or left one, on your own end, to make the hog jump over the river and bypass buildings)


Bait (Using several threats in a deck that all have the same weakness, and baiting that weakness to deal damage to enemy towers)

Beatdown (the deck archetype that involves sacrificing a lot of tower damage for an elixir advantage to support your massive push)

BM (bad manners in the form of unsportsmanlike emote usage)

Bridge Spam (An old deck archetype that isn’t so useful anymore. Bridge spam involves starting a massive push on the bridge and sometimes repeatedly dropping more troops on the bridge to whittle down enemy towers. Usually uses counterpush troops)


Chief Patting (Refers to missing spells, especially rocket, you can also say Chief Pat, Chief Patted e.g. You’re chief patting this rocket, Don’t chief pat this rocket! You chief patted that rocket

Chip 1. (dealing little amounts of damage to enemy towers frequently, also a deck archetype) 2. (Chip damage is a small amount of damage that is dealt to a tower. Logging a princess and a tower gets chip damage onto the tower)

Control (The deck archetype that involves using defensive cards to control what your opponent can do and make strong counterpushes after defending)

Counter (Using a card or combination of cards to defeat an opposing card, see soft and hard counters)

Counterpush (A counterpush involves using the cards that were just used on defence and make a push with them to try to deal damage to enemy towers)

Cycle (A type of deck with cheap cost, centred around using one or two cards then using cheap cards to play that card again, quickly, can be considered a deck archetype)


Damage Trade (Amount of damage you deal traded with elixir cost. Positive damage trades/good damage trades are where you effectively pay 0 or negative elixir to get damage e.g using arrows or log respectively on a princess and a tower)

Deck Archetype (Describes what kind of deck your deck is. See control, chip, beatdown, siege, bait, bridge spam, hybrid and cycle)

Double Lane Pressure (putting offensive threat cards on both lanes, splitting your damage, but still demanding an answer on both sides)

DPS (Abbreviation for Damage per second. The damage a troop or building can do in the average second)

Drag Glitch (A glitch that prevents people from playing cards/makes them drag a card instead of tapping)(sorry not an expert)


Elixir Advantage (To have an elixir advantage is too have an elixir lead or a threat that demands a response that will lead to an elixir lead)

Elixir Trade (When countering a card, you spend elixir and they spent elixir on their card. If they spent more on their card, you get a positive elixir trade. If they use hog and you use Mini Pekka and ice spirit, preventing all damage, you spent 5 elixir to counter 4, which is a negative elixir trade. But, considering that your opponent has to counter the mini Pekka or take a lot of damage, you can still get a positive elixir trade. A neutral elixir trade is where both players spend elixir and both players lose their units. You get a positive elixir and/or damage trade if you counter for a neutral trade and have enough troops/HP on a troop to deal damage to their tower)




Hog Cycle

Hard Counter (a counter that gives you a large advantage)

Hybrid (One deck that combines and involves 2 or more archetypes. More flexible decks that can switch strategies easier during matches, with the downside of having less power in the individual archetypes within the deck e.g Miner+Giant decks, Mortar+Hog decks)




Kiting (luring a unit into the other lane, usually with building targeting troops, especially ice golem)



Maxed (A maxed card is one at the highest level. A maxed account is an account with all maxed cards. A maxed deck is a deck which consists of only maxed cards. Maxxed cards are overleveled if the player who has them is not level 13)

META (Stands for Most Efficient Tactic Available. META decks are the best/most dominant/most popular decks in the game. They are usually more effective then most decks and META decks define whether a deck is effective or not. There is usually 1 very dominant META deck e.g. Bridge Spam, Bait and MK Hog are META decks)


Noob (A term that refers to someone who is new and/or bad at Clash Royale)


Out-Cycle (getting to your win condition or a certain card, by cycling, before your opponent can cycle to their counter, alternatively, out-cycling can mean getting to your counter before they get to a certain card)

Overleveled (An Overleveled card is a card being a number of levels higher than equal to a person’s king level, people can also be overleveled for their arena/ trophy range. A player him/herself can be overleveled by having the average card in their deck higher than their king level. This occurs when the average player you face has lower level cards than you. Overleveling and Overlevel are also CR terms that are similar)


Pig-Push (Making your hog ignore defensive buildings in certain areas by using fast units to push it away, allowing the hog to hit the tower)

Push (Using a card or combination of cards to destroy/deal damage to (an) enemy tower(s)




Siege (The deck archetype that involves taking enemy towers from a distance, while defending your siege
building (troop if RG counts), xbow or mortar, Royal Giant is considered siege by some people)

Soft Counter (A counter that gives a slight advantage in play)

Splash (Synonym to AOE, refers to something that does damage in/affects an area with every attack/when cast instead of hitting a single object)

Split (Using a card that spawns two or more units in one of the two central columns of tiles. This will split some of the units in one direction (right or left) and the rest towards the other. Incredibly useful in 3M decks and while using archers
in many situations)

Swarm (A multi-unit card, that is usually cheap, that has usually low health but medium-high troop counts, to overwhelm enemies, hard countered by splash units and hunter, soft countered by other swarms)


Tier (Tier defines how good a deck is. Related to META. Tier one decks are really effective, META defining decks. Tier 2 decks can counter meta decks, but may not be as effective. Tier 3 decks are less effective than tier 2 and Tier 4 is viable)

Turtle (an extremely defensive player or a player who is going to defend and possibly spell cycle for an amount of time)

Turtle-Up (A term for siege decks. Playing defensively using your siege engine/building for defence instead of offence.


Underleveled (antonym/opposite of overleveled. Someone who has cards on average, under their king level. An underleveled card is a card below your king-equivalent level and a player is underleveled if, on average, they play higher level players



Win condition (The card(s) in your deck that are your main way to destroy enemy towers, there are usually better defensive options and these cards aren’t always useful on defence)




Guys, please leave your feedback down below, tell me what I missed, and I will add it in! Have a great day, and I will see you in the Arena!

Edit: Format + took out spending terms (gemming, F2P and Budget Spender) as they aren’t battle terms.

Edit 2: Added Splash and DPS (credit to u/HoggiePoo for those and inspiring AOE) + Bolding and Soft counter+Skeleton Barrel Art

Edit 3: Thanks to u/Hypersmurf1337 for swarm! Thanks to u/xR3B3Lx for pointing out that hard and soft counters aren’t opposites and giving me the Chief Patting term. Again, u/HoggiePoo gets a shoutout for drag glitch

(___()-my skeleton barrel art

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