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Clan for Beginners and new players?

I just started playing Clash Royale 2 days ago and I’m hooked. I’m at arena 3 right now and I’m wondering what clan I should join. I’m hoping to join a beginner friendly clan that wouldn’t mind also helping me improve my deck or gameplay too!


[Ideas] Balance Changes for January: Mega Knight, Flying Machine, & More!

In this round of balance changes, (happy new year!), we are changing a few key stats and interactions. Read on to see the changes.

**Goblin Hut:** Spawns a Spear Goblin every 4.4 seconds (now spawns 13 Spear Goblins instead of 12)

In order to provide more value and create more Spear Goblins, the hut will now produce Spear Goblins even more frequently, hopefully encouraging more players to try it out!

**Mega Knight:** +.1 sec Hitspeed & -2% Hitpoints

Reducing his hitpoints by 2% lets the Prince take one less hit to destroy him. The Mega Knight has strong armor, high damage, and has a high jump, but he needs to do it a little slower. Besides carrying a force of a 1000 mustaches must weight him down!

**Bomber:** +4% Hitpoints & -.1 sec Hitspeed

The Bomber use rates are very low, and he needs to have more appeal and more value. We are increasing his hitpoints by 4% so that the Knight and Miner now take 3 hits to kill the Bomber, all 3 Goblins now have to all stab a second time to kill it, and the Bandit’s Dash Damage won’t kill the Bomber. This is a huge buff to the Bomber in certain card interactions, which will increase his win rates, if not only his use rates.

**Rage:** +.05% Rage Speed Boost

Even though it’s 2 elixir, the Rage Spell lacks power and needs to find its place among other spells. Like all good spells, it needs to find its purpose- and intensity.

**Barbarians:** 25% Mass increase (affects **Battle Ram** and **Barbarian Hut** as well)

Barbarians at all levels have seen low use, and need a bit more power. For a 5 elixir defense, it needs to have tad bit more “Mass” in order to be a legitimate defense. Mass is a stat in Clash Royale that determines how bulky troops are and how they interact and push each other around. By making the Barbarians bulkier, they will push more troops around and feel like a much stronger, bigger troop.

**Flying Machine:** Range increased from 6 to 6.5 tiles

Now the Flying Machine outdistances the highly used Inferno Tower, making it a very good building sniper. It also snipes several air-targeting glass Cannons before they can target the machine.

**Freeze:** Duration increased by .1 sec per level

The arena is about to get frosty with Freeze coming back! Since it’s an offensive option, we want to prioritize it over other cards. Thus, it will now last a tad bit longer, while not overpowering it again.

**Clone:** Radius increased by 1 tile

The Clone is a very risky and specialized card to play, and has more risk than reward. The radius is a bit too small, and requires proper timing in order to successfully clone.

**Bomb Tower:** Hitpoints increased by 5%

We don’t want to overpower the Bomb Tower and we don’t want to increase the Bomb Tower’s lifetime, so we upped the Bomb Tower’s hitpoints. It will now survive a lot more damage and a whole lot more troops! “The Rock” is back!

**Skeleton Barrel:** +3% Hitpoints & + 1 Skeleton

The Skeletons need another Larry Jr, and a few more hitpoints in order to make it to the tower.

**Night Witch:** +2 Bat Death Spawn & -4% Hitpoints

The Night Witch is balanced now, but we took out her special Legendary trait: to release Bats after dying. It make sense to have her summon 4 Bats upon death once again as a small rework for the Night Witch.

**Giant Skeleton:** -1 tile Sight Range

The Giant Skeleton is too easily distracted by Goblin Gangs, Skeletons, and other various Swarms. The Sight Range buff will help it avoid troop pulls away from the Tower, which all will let it play more of a offensive role in battles.


That’s all of my suggestions for the balance changes for January. Supercell needs to implement some of these changes into the game. Currently, the meta is fairly diverse and balanced, except for a few cards that need to be buffed/nerfed. The buffed/nerfed cards above will hopefully join the meta and create even stronger and better competition!

As always, I am open to your feedback and perspective on these balancing changes. Feel free to comment below and suggest your own changes/balances, and if I like it, I will mention it next month for some more suggested balance changes. Thanks for reading!


Card discussion: Is Night Witch still meta?

I thought the last post I made about the Lumberjack sparked a lot of thinking, and I want to do a discussion on all the cards in my deck, because I feel like that deck is SUPER good (Golem, Pump, NW, Mega Minion, Lumberjack, Bandit, Zap, Tornado).

TLDR, I think she is.

Pushing with that Golem deck really taught me a lot of lessons in Clash Royale, mainly about card synergies and not underestimating yourself. It taught me things like paying attention to how much your opponent has to commit to defending certain card combos, what specific cards/card types they have to defend with, etc. I’ve consistently noticed that Night Witch can provoke overcommitment from the enemy almost always during a Golem push, even if she’s solo supporting the Golem. Let’s talk about the pros and cons that I see in her.

Good things I see: Night Witch is a very good replacement for mini pekka in a lot of circumstances. She’s more versatile, and more threatening, and can’t reliably be taken down with a huge positive trade. Her threat level only skyrockets when behind a tank, as she is allowed to live longer to spawn more bats, which increases overall support DPS and if 4 bats are spawned, she can take down mini tanks before dying. She’s an incredible defensive card that makes your opponent have to make sure they can deal with her. Fireball zap is a spell combo that leaves a negative 2 trade and STILL doesn’t fully take down the death spawn bats.

Cons: Executioner and Axenado make NW much harder to push offensively. It’s a huge elixir investment, but it can fully shut down any extra support along with it. (If you’re playing Axenado as a NW user, try to bait their tornado somehow and place your night witch on the inner tile when pushing with her). NW isn’t a full replacement for Mini Pekka, her DPS isn’t the same. Fireball-zap can take her down, leaving you completely exposed. She is a legendary card, who I’d say is slightly independent on level, but her bat spawns are incredibly level dependent and can either make her a joke or effectively twice as deadly depending on the level you have her at. I’d say that it’s possible to do incredibly well with her even on level 1 (that’s where I have her), but you’ll need her higher (level 3 is where she becomes viable no matter what) to compete with higher level ice wizards and stuff. Lastly, she’s either OP or completely obsolete in 2v2, depending on how much splash you play against.

Anyway, I think her potential is being severely overlooked in this meta, and her synergies with tanks is SUPER powerful. The synergy between her and Golem and Mega Minion are a force to be reckoned with. Mini tanks can’t kill her alone, and the opponent almost always needs some sort of air splash to fully shut her down. What do you guys think? Am I delusional? Do you have fun playing with or against her? Am I just getting lucky using her in this meta? Let me know what you think. If this post gets a lot of attention as well, I’ll consider doing a “Is Mega Minion still good?” Post.


I was the one that informed clash royale in help and support they told me i was the first one to realize and said sorry if i already started! Theres no reward but i was the first one!! I knew something was up when i saw no make a deck button so i waited.

I was the one that informed clash royale in help and support they told me i was the first one to realize and said sorry if i already started! Theres no reward but i was the first one!! I knew something was up when i saw no make a deck button so i waited.

I was the one that informed clash royale in help and support they told me i was the first one to realize and said sorry if i already started! Theres no reward but i was the first one!! I knew something was up when i saw no make a deck button so i waited.

Hearthstone and Clash Royale have same MM rigging.

Hearthstone and Clash Royale have same MM rigging.

Both games you experience winning and losing streaks OFTEN. But go to any REAL casino, this rarely happens or else everyone would just leave after discovering a winning streak pattern.

People who pay most get most preferential MM. This is called selective pairing to either maximize your wins or minimize your losses. You can read about it.

I wouldn’t be surprised both companies outsourced their algo for MM from same person/company.

A simple test to know if MM is rigged is either go all AIR in your deck or all land and see if you get matched the opposite counter. I tried this on my losing streaks and it validated my hunch since I have been too familiar with Hearthstone rigging.

If you asking why would any game company do this? Simple, money. They want the payers to keep paying, frustrating them just enough to buy more.

F2P players is just meat for them to feel good and be happy they wasted tons of money on virtual goods.

I will expect this thread to be removed just like Blizzard doing with HS with anyone uttering anything about game being rigged.

And if you think this is just these two games, you are wrong. Almost every F2P game is rigged but these are the two card based games I actually have played.

World of tanks is another rigged F2P game.

And now I go back to playing on my Switch, you know… real games that you feel enjoyment.

I await the confirmation bias talk by the paid trolls.