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I accidentally bought a chest this morning

I don’t know how but I fell back asleep after opening my golden chest from last night and when I woke up Clash Royale was saying thanks for your purchase

I haven’t opened the chest it says that I bought, I wanted to know if I went through with the refund would it delete my account? How do they prevent people from buying a chest and then refunding it? If it’s going to delete my account I’ll suck it up and pay the $20 but if not then I’d rather not as I’ve always been FTP and would rather not spend $20 on a free game as a broke college kid


Has Supercell changed the way cards rotate into your hand?

Seems stupid, but I am having an increasing problem with playing the wrong card lately. I can’t say I look down and watch my thumb grab the card, I more or less use my peripheral vision. It also ALWAYS happens during crunch time.

I will be setting up for defense with card A, B, and C.

Card A quickly followed by B are played.

I go to play card C and For some reason it’s not card C.

Anyone able to help me with this? I know it sounds like a case of me just grabbing and playing the last card but I swear, this feels different.

Clan Chest

A Buff for the Clan Chest

As probably we all know, clan chest usually gives nothing interesting. It is not easy to complete all 10 levels, especially for normal clans with normal players. A whole week working to get the 10/10 level for 1650 of gold and 170 cards are not worth it. Especially considering that the legendary probability is very low.

I think there are two ways of facing and solving the problem.

The first one is the easiest and logical way. Increasing the amount of gold and cards could solve the problem and make the clan chest an interesting chest.

But the second one is what I think could be a more innovating way. Depending on the clan chest ranking (how many crowns did you make) you should be rewarded with some amount of quest points. For example, 1st in the ranking earns 200 points. 2nd gets 150 points. 3rd, 100. 4th and 5th, 75 points. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 50 points. This way you give another kind of reward for the clan chest, you speed up the quests chests, and you create a healthy competivity inside every clan besides trophies.

Anyway, both ways could be used at the same time.

Hopefully, a lot of people read this! If you like the idea help to share this so more people can see it and be helpful, which is the point of this.

See you at the arena!

New card: Monkey! Is this true?

New card: Monkey! Is this true?


I just found a picture on Twitter where someone says that he found this picture in a database. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it looks legit. The GFX picture looks like SC team made it. Maybe this is the next “monthly card”? :O


What happened?

Clash royale was my favorite game i would play everyday, i try to think of new card ideas but the most recent update just like destroyed the game for me. I dont know what happened or what that update was about but the only thing i come across anymore is my counter decks or over used golem decks. I dropped 400 trophies in a row and am really upset no matter what decks i make or how hard i try, i cant get any trophies anymore but instead lose them. I have a deck i used all 2017 and was such a good deck but now that cant even win a single game. Also you probably hear this a lot about fix the lag glitch that makes the whole situation worse. Is there any chance the ladder can be fixed so its actually a fair fight?